Chive on, bra off!! (40 photos)

  • coolbreeze

    There ya go Chive…girls in overalls. That deserves it's on post. That's just down right sexy!

    • EdWood


    • Kyle

      I couldn't agree with you more!

    • stan

      looks like a hot rachael ray

  • Joseph Moore

    Best post of the week.

    • Terry Burke

      the braless look is just so great. i mean really… really great

    • LukeSkywalker

      IDK, SC is kinda the highlight of my internet week.

    • Buford_Justice

      best no bra gallery ever id say

    • Luke


  • ROK247

    set them free, ladies…

    set them free…

  • mipo2010

    Chive on bra off is the new F.D.A.U…And #40 for the sideboob win

    • Owen Smithers

      Quite possibly the perfect curvature. I can detect no flaws. Would like to examine more closely though, just to be certain.

    • Guest Guy

      This is one of, if not my favorite, posts. But let's not totally do away with F.D.A.U., as I believe they can peacefully co-exist! Chive on!

    • bull1123

      ok, i know i'm going to hate myself when you tell me. but what the deuce does F.D.A.U. stand for???

      • Catch

        face down ass up

      • bull1123

        yep, definitely should have known that! thanks y'all!

        • Jack Mehoff

          Not really, people just make up shit for their own amusement.

    • medieval

      Kate Upton…..that is all

    • Calvin Howard

      nice picture but i bet thats what all the men say

  • The Bandit

    #5….looks inviting!
    #32….looks like a perfect day!
    #37…ah, Olivia!

    • KyleRetrato

      #26 So hot that she's burning her clothes.

    • ABO

      #5 is Hannah Martin

  • Stafferty

    #22, #30. #37,
    I must humbly say *clears throat*

    Hummina Hummina Hummina, aaOOOOOoGa!!!!!

    • Joe

      #22 WHO IS THAT????

      • bober

        iga/eva wyrwal

        • Silentrob

          Good call, I thought I saw here before –

  • Shawn

    #37…oh olivia wilde you beautiful creature
    #20…. I love a good burn your bra done specifically for the Chive, well done

  • Bollyver

    I would have been first, but I stopped on #30 for a while. Ladies what the hell happened here?

    • DDT

      The Sandman came and went.

    • zerocool

      believe it or not this was an actual photoshoot in florida..i know the photographer -Merlin Bronques..his website

  • Shawn

    #33…I wonder if I could be of any assistance as well

  • Seannerz

    #31 See me in my office after class.

  • EdWood

    That's her golf shirt.
    The one with 18 holes in it.

  • El_Capitano_Boz

    #35 Keeping with the real woman , Me likey!

  • davey


    She painted a big smile on my face!

    • Machinist

      Iga Wyrwal…

  • iKidYouNot

    burn the bra with fire!

  • Dunny_

    #15 very cute…. Loving the Thirteen props recently #37 and GREAT HORNYTOATS!!! #40 !!

  • EdWood

    Promises, Promises.
    I can not say the same.

  • Alan

    #10 Chive, you know what you have to do, get it done.

    • Forfunone

      I love that she is in her going out clothes!! Where can I find that bar?

    • That Guy

      3 pointed nips… still sexy as hell.

    • DeuceBrew

      I love pierced nipples. That is all.

    • Ryan

      I belive she is from Austin, Tx. She dates my buddy. She is incredibly hot!!!

    • Bouff

      Find her, I want MOAR pleez! I will take her out for a nice seafood dinner!

      • Scotty

        Her name is Shawna, i boned her a few years back in San diego. She has a nude spread on as "Ms. Shawna trainwreck." You're welcome.

        • sean

          you suck

      • ryan b

        She is ugly what are yall talking about

  • BaJezzus

    #5 …. Saw this one back in the day on The Chive, and she is STILL a MUST FIND!!!
    #26 … How is there not a nip peeking through?!? Color me disappointed, but appreciative.
    #36 … Yes. But do you?
    #40 … and of course, Kate Upton FTMFW!!!

  • Terry Burke

    #12. i don't care how messy your room is

    • gefundigeliebe

      or that one of you fake fingernails has attached itself to the back of your hand

      • Anon

        Probably a smudge on the mirror, which should be cleaned prior to snapping pic, but again who cares.

    • ilovethechive

      I think this one may have burned her panties too

    • Catch

      yeah, she's dirty.

  • kevin

    #40 find her!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Henrik

    We need a 'burn you're bra: Chivettes edition'

    • BAMFinater

      This a bazillion times!!!11!eleven

    • matt

      No we don't. We need a 'burn YOUR bra: Chivettes edition'.

      'You're' is short for YOU ARE. Grammar: learn it, live it, love it.

  • Mullie

    This is, again, an awesome post.

    Darn, I would love to wake up next to #40

    Anyone know her name ?

    • Captain Stag

      It's Kate Upton

    • Forfunone

      Reeed Robin…Yummmm!!

      • Catch


    • Andrew

      should be kate upton mate 🙂

  • Rick

    #5 is the best

    • Terry Burke

      they really need to find her

    • Captain Stag

      Hannah Martin. You're welcome 🙂

      • Terry Burke

        you are the man

      • 123

        Not even kidding…you are totally the man. Been looking for this girl for years. <high five>

      • Goosenator

        Dear god what have you done.

  • Terry Burke

    you know she's naked in Alpha Dog

  • Sharky

    #19 Anchors aweigh!

    • 4everDistracted

      I'm in the Navy and I thank you for representing us well! Chive on!

    • Smithers

      Go Navy, beat Army

    • JohnsScarf

      Never thought I would find myself saying these words but…."Hi there sailor!"

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