Fit girls: Are they scary hot or just scary? (10 Photos)

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  • HardCoreMike

    The more they work out, the fuglier they get!

  • ilovethechive

    Google Worthy!! Jaime Eason

  • some crazy guy

    (#20) finder her

    • Vaganosis

      please find her

      • Mark

        jenna martin

    • ray

      finder her now or my cat dies

    • slopy sack

      this is the only non model on this thread,so my vote is to FIND HER!!!!!!!!!!!

    • revus

      whats her name?

      • STI KING

        Who is she? where is she from?

    • a dude

      Jenna Martin. Runs track for the University of Kentucky. She's also the girl in the rainboots picture jumping in the fountain.

  • Dud

    I would fuck them all but I'm just bored. =/

  • John

    #4 and #14

    Absolute gorgeous.

  • Tom Staples

    I'm a strong believer in the difference between a fit girl, and a muscular girl.

    #29 is fit, #15 is muscular

  • NJF

    Almost all have cute faces, but some of them have unattractive man arms.

  • trevor

    #15 and #22 are gross! the rest are nice, especially #6 and #8!!

  • Indeed

    LeAnn Rhimes looks disgusting; if that's "fit", then count me as one of the fatties.

  • dalexmu

    #25 … thats where this post ended for me!

  • Chiveroni

    Hot or not can be determined by upper body definition. If they have male shoulder/arm definition, NOT HOT. If they don't, and it's all abs/legs, that's HOT.

  • Crimson

    #7 & #15 are MEN!

  • @ecastroe

    the question is getting a little bit annyoing… but the post never gets old!! I need MOAR of these girls

  • TheBoris

    #27 yuk

  • Brian

    Got ta love a lady that brings her own six pack

  • Patrick Schmidt

    #4 can be better categorized as FLBP.

  • Jammin

    Not that being fit isnt great but the downfall is that it also makes their face look so hard! But i congradulate all these women cuz to have the drive to look the way they do takes lots of work and discipline!!! These women r the cream of this crop, not to much muscle but just right…#1, #4, #6, #25 which is the most beautiful, and

  • Rebel_Soul

    #8 needs her own post. Chive bring her into your office unless you are scared.

  • HillBilly Bone

    I'd let #4, #6, #25, #30 and #33 knock me around a little bit.

  • Abovethatclouds

    #8 is so f-ing hot! I would suck the fart out of her ass like a bong hit! lol pleeeeeease find her. That will be a VERY popular post! Pleeeeeeeease!

    • Brian

      its Miss Pristen

  • Whyherrowdere

    Don't know about the rest of theChive, but for me, girls with tonk arms is scary, otherwise 😀

  • Christian

    Crazy hot…all of them!

  • 0_0

    #4 #8 #25 #34 MOAR

  • Chivetteluver

    #33 Hello PENCIL ERASERS!!!!

    • Chivetteluver

      or better yet… GUMDROPS!!

  • katie

    13, 14 and 35 are all the lady from I think her name is zuzzana?

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