Smokin’ hot fit girls : theCHIVE

Fit girls: Are they scary hot or just scary? (10 Photos)

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  • zTom

    They're obviously beautiful women TO START WITH but many of them unfortunately pushed the fitness thing WAAAAY too far. Muscular women aren't nice to look at.

    Fortunately, it nothing time with a BALANCED healthy lifestyle as opposed to this kind of stupid exercise addiction can't fix, unlike the disasters you can sometimes see caused by fucking plastic surgery.

    • zTom

      Still, a few of them like #4 or #6 are absolutely gorgeous.

  • Chivemaster

    #4 #25

  • guitarguypa

    # 26 yes, have some

  • guitarguypa

    # 26

    yes, have some

  • Zach D

    Not a big fan of the girls with an eight pack but there still hott! #26 wins!

  • MacNCheesePro

    #4 and #34 are perfection!

  • Brian

    I love the fit girls post, just don't spread them out so far. It would be a good weekly post. I love it.

  • Jones

    NUmber 27 is the only one i didnt drool over!!!

  • Dave Davies

    Yep, pretty much every one, fit birds is well hot innit.

  • Kman

    Most of the women are scary hot. As long as they keep their femininity like #1 #4 #8 #26 and #33 they are hot. However some of these women get into the scary department like #15

  • W Thomas Kimberly

    FIT is SOOOO much hotter than FAKE

  • Karl

    #4 = not so fit, crazy hot but not fit.
    #13 #14 #35 = Zuzana

  • Larry

    #25 not sure she belongs in the post but that picture has been around forever, wonder how old she is now?


    I'm half scared… and half turned on… hmmm…

  • Rick

    I'd def say scary hot

  • Rick


  • ED

    girl #1, hottest tummy ever.

  • Gilbert

    I would like to know when and where are these roamers so I to should atleast take some pictures too.

  • Gilbert

    I have seen but few. When and where for some fotos for me?

  • Blinky Ben

    I'll take 1, 2 and 9;
    thanks ever so much, Guv'nor.

  • andy

    fit bitches…… fitches

  • tim

    #6, #25 and #26 all day long

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #6 #16 #25 #29 #34 Yes and MOAR MOAR MOAR
    #8 Hot but dresses like a retarded 16 yr old

  • Adam

    didnt really enjoy this…

  • RacerX

    #15 is questionable but the rest, over and over and over….

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