Found: Kelly (9 Photos)

The adorable girl on the college quad made her 3rd appearance in our 'Find Her' gallery yesterday and we finally got a good lead. Some of you might have seen her already over at College Humor but I thought the Orlando native was worth posting, after all that photo above has been fluttering around the internet for quite some time.

  • stemi

    A young version of SNL's Kristin Wiig?? grrrr!

    • iambigd42

      Good Call!

    • DefendDallas

      My first thought exactly!

  • WOOT


  • Andrea Tozzi

    omg, better not found…

    • adamcoasttocoast

      is that what girls say when your pants fall down?

      • Firefighter23


  • KeyserSoze

    Chive, Lose her!

    • charles

      ur an official P.O.S.

      • KeyserSoze

        Person of Style?
        Patron of Soul?
        Progenitor of Sense?

        Which one?

  • That Guy

    #2 i am sure that as she is cute and pretty now, she'll only get hotter with age. i hope we can see her in her mid 20's.

  • ukwild

    wife material

    • punisher

      Ull have udly nerdy kids ,like the chivers.

  • theeemightybuck

    fucking hipster chick- somebody hit her in the head with a PBR

    • nemesis

      wow. you're a dick.

    • Ned Flanders

      Uh, no, not a hipster chick… Missing ironic t-shirt / some sort of hat / dumb ass angel wings and or where the wild things are tattoos…

      • nnn

        ain't that the motherfucking truth.

      • theeemightybuck

        theres only 9 photos, give it time. theres enough of a preview to know shes a hipster

      • dr3xell

        haha where the wild things are, classic. well put

    • charles

      you're just angry because you're gay

      • theeemightybuck

        wow- original chuck. dont think i've ever heard that one

        • McBeastie

          So you hear that you're gay a lot? There's nothing wrong with being gay, but if you're not actually gay…you may want to rethink some of your life choices.

          • Give Carl your money


    • Your Mom's Dog

      If she were a hipster, she'd already have a PBR.

    • fuck hipsters

      Save the PBR, and just punch her in the fuck ditch plz! Hipsters are just happy EMO's all of which should DIE!

  • JOE

    booooo!!! she sucks… u found her now please looooose her!! ( DORK! )

  • Assmaster Prime

    «:::M:::» «:::E:::» «:::H:::»

  • Anonymous

    Wow, #9 just melts me in my socks. She is breathtaking!

  • Paula_

    Found: Paula. Yoohoo! Here I am!!

    – the one you love to hate

    • Assmaster Prime


    • Johnny Sixarms

      Hey Paula – go choke on a black dick and die.

    • Give Carl your Money


  • Kaars

    Lovely Girl…

    I'm just happy to learn that this wasn't a shameless plug for Bad Teacher

    • Paula_

      OMG it even says: "sponsored" at the top of that page.
      But hey, if you're willing to pay this months bandwidth bill…?

      – the one understanding the costs of tons of bandwith

  • Anonymous

    Man! Orlando is too far for me to commit. If she wants to move closer to Tennessee I will take her out for a nice seafood dinner though…

  • sureman123


    Next please

  • Eeik5150


  • hMMMM

    She looks different in every pic?

  • bless1


    • Paula can blow me!

      WOW, How original… Now Fuck Off!

  • Lucas

    very cute. looks like a freak in the sack

  • KDub

    Not bad for 13. Pedobear would be proud.

  • Eeik5150

    Eeehhhh… at least it was burn your bra Tuesday. That was worth looking at. This chick is just kinda' cute but pretty average and too much hipster. I was half expecting her to "rock" an iPad on the last pic. OK Chive, the challenge is to get a gallery that causes us to go "WOAH!" much like your two part "Defining Awesome" posts.

  • V.A.

    So many 'meh' comments. Yeesh, learn to appreciate subtly people, you don't need bikini shots to know she's hot.
    #9; Q.E.D.

    • guest

      I think some of the chivers are upset that she has neither a giant ass or giant plastic boobs. Keep 'em like this. Much better than the alternative.

    • Touche Salesman

      Well said….

  • snoobs

    Cute as button, but i wouldnt say shes on par with most chivettes

  • Chavo

    you guys are dick heads. She is stunning, I would take her over any other girl ive seen on this site to date.

  • drewdeze

    she was better off being lost imo

  • Chiefs420

    She's an Idaho 10

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