Found: Kelly (9 Photos)

The adorable girl on the college quad made her 3rd appearance in our 'Find Her' gallery yesterday and we finally got a good lead. Some of you might have seen her already over at College Humor but I thought the Orlando native was worth posting, after all that photo above has been fluttering around the internet for quite some time.

  • thesensibleone

    First Andreay and now this…..Stop the madness !

  • Jesse

    What's the point of this?

  • JOSH

    wow there is 45 seconds ill never get

  • Maria


  • Capt. Obvious

    Ummm, She may be from Florida originally but has been vacationing in Iowa. She is sitting in front of a Casey's in #7

  • MeanJoe

    Kelly…darling…you're absolutely beautiful but these weren't the photos we asked for…

  • its_forge

    Honestly, meh. I mean, yeah, cute kid, yes. Still. Meh.

  • J.T.

    wow. shes great

  • zTom

    THAT what Chivettes are supposed to be about. Very cute!

  • Steven

    She's ok but I've done better

  • Feverbliss

    She’s a babe! Totally adorable!

  • papp

    average looking girl gets her own thread now on chive? you guys are really running out of material eh..

  • Nick

    Nice nice

  • Bud Ugly

    She's pretty cute. Should smile more, like in #4 — makes her look prettier. Nothing amazing though.

  • Jon

    Seriously, I could walk into my neighborhood grocery store and find a girl that looks just like her scanning my items at the cash register. Nothing AT ALL special about this chick. WTF chive?? Found Her? Seriously? Damn yall must be getting bored at theChive

  • Joe Blow


  • Big Daddy Greg


  • bkfrijoles

    awesomely cute 😀 way to go Chive

  • stan

    Come on now people, she's very cute. Young, but cute…

  • Guest123

    Orlando native? Are you sure you got that right?

  • john smith

    had some college classes with her…even asked her to lunch. got turned down…she's really sweet though.

  • Craigory

    Modest is hottest

  • Always Last


  • SBowman311

    CASEY's GENERAL STORE. Unless she was on a road trip she is from Iowa of Illinois. Route 30, US 80. Definitely Florida.

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