Hero construction worker saves drowning woman (10 Photos)

Patricia Neely and her husband Alan were scouting for the perfect place to watch a firework display in Des Moines, Iowa, when their boat got too close to a dam and washed over. Sadly, Alan's life jacket slipped off an he was swept away by the current. He didn't survive the ordeal.

Meanwhile, Patricia was caught in the churning waters beneath the dam. When a small rescue boat was unable to reach her because of the treacherous conditions, a nearby construction crew sprung to action. Jason Oglesbee, a construction worker with Cramer & Associates turned to his crane operator, Joe Lowe, and they knew what they had to do.

Jason fastened himself in a harness and Joe carefully lowered him over the dangerous water. Jason was able to hold Patricia up while Joe moved them into calmer waters where the rescue boat was able to grab Patricia and take her for medical attention.

After it was over, both men immediately returned back to work. Amazing work, Jason and Joe. Read the full story here.

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  • Jen

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  • Daith_Lee

    And honestly, the other person would want you to live…that person would die trying to save you so that you could carrying on. If he wants you to die too, you got a selfish boyfriend…I hear what you are TRYING to say, 0Bianka0, but i think the guy who I'm replying too is spot on…

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  • Sinc3riT

    The world needs more people like this. Bravo Jason and Joe.

  • Lowrent75

    Were you replying to me or Chisti?

    • Thor

      christi. Sorry Lowrent, you're ok

  • JD Marsh

    "git me some chains and hook me up to that crane…bitches love cranes!" unbelievable act and kudos to those two men.

    • jg

      Fucking awesomeness

  • oldschool

    Damn fine job. Restores a little faith.

  • 0Bianka0

    Alright, I'm deleting this. Once again I came to the realization that on this site if you don't agree on the subject with "the crowd", people are gonna be rude to you. Fine.

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        I'm glad.:)

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        • Vaughn

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  • Rick

    Contact the berry sexy chiver.

  • Cristi_P

    Two elderly (60+ years old) people put their boat on top of a dam and ignored the warnings… there's a word for people who do dumb stuff, and it's not "good"

    • joe

      There are a few words I can think of for people like you, and none of them are "good"

  • DistractedIndividual

    Agreed! He's got that sexy rugged look:)

  • Dazilla

    BAMF'S right there.

  • shaunvw

    I live 40 minutes east of des moines. That made the news instantly. I was really happy to see that instead of the usual stabbings and shootings and assault bullshit that the news usually talks about.

  • bdrizzle

    that was amazing. HEROS!!! these men are HEROS!!!

  • Monk

    Stop being a cute.

    • JTMo-Nay

      how could you be so obtuse?

  • WoogyMonster

    #5 His balls are showing. They are big and made of brass…

  • BigHate

    Terrible but I really did LOL.

  • Yessir

    I don't always rescue women from churning waters of death, but when I do I use 50 thousand pounds of steel and enough testosterone to power the space station. Rock on Joe and Jason. Rock on.

  • Yessir

    No love for Joe?..

    • Tee

      I think Joe looks a bit like Bill Murray

  • Maurice

    Big props to you two guys. Nice work.

  • guest

    And for all those who had moronic comments….eat a dick!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Stevens/100000058325127 Andrew Stevens

    No wonder he looks like Bruce Willis…

  • Awesome

    Wow, I can't believe someone would objectify a picture of someone on this site like that…. He's not just a sex object….

    • anonnnnn

      woman can be so superficial sometimes. hes not a piece of meat ladys hes a human being

  • sureman123

    these are true hero's!!!
    not those so called, media hyped, athletes some want to call by the same name

  • Puck9307

    I'm from the Des Moines, and what happened is the boat got to close to the flipped over. She was wearing a life jacket and he was not, which is why he didn't survive. The ladies clothes were ripped off by the force of the current, but both guys were very humble about the whole ordeal and acted like it was no big deal.

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