Hero construction worker saves drowning woman (10 Photos)

Patricia Neely and her husband Alan were scouting for the perfect place to watch a firework display in Des Moines, Iowa, when their boat got too close to a dam and washed over. Sadly, Alan's life jacket slipped off an he was swept away by the current. He didn't survive the ordeal.

Meanwhile, Patricia was caught in the churning waters beneath the dam. When a small rescue boat was unable to reach her because of the treacherous conditions, a nearby construction crew sprung to action. Jason Oglesbee, a construction worker with Cramer & Associates turned to his crane operator, Joe Lowe, and they knew what they had to do.

Jason fastened himself in a harness and Joe carefully lowered him over the dangerous water. Jason was able to hold Patricia up while Joe moved them into calmer waters where the rescue boat was able to grab Patricia and take her for medical attention.

After it was over, both men immediately returned back to work. Amazing work, Jason and Joe. Read the full story here.

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