Once again a low down, dirty good time (30 Photos)

  • slim

    #5 Woody's first woody.

    • Broadbem

      And the stripper was intrigued when he said " I have a snake in my boots!"

      • JT Mo-Nay

        but then she took her clothes off and he said "Someone poisoned the water hole!"

    • Pål

      You said "first"! I don't care if it's in context, you get a thumb down from me.

      • slim

        Apparently 17 people disagree.

  • KeyserSoze


    Mexico, you're doing it right.

  • Lynne McNaught Sandilands

    #10 PARRRRP!!!

    • guest

      she's disgusting

    • ranD

      someone 'Shop this NOW!!!!

      • Its-a me, Mario

        isnt this already shopped? I mean you must have had a knock or two to the head if your holding a mic to your butt and think its a good thing…

  • http://thechive.com ontherun1989

    #4 "Whoa, hold up, they're just tits. Enjoy the view."

  • Henrik

    #17 Wait… What?

    • Justkidding

      Pizza fuckin don't knock it until you try it

      • Harvey812

        Just make sure and give the cheese a few minutes to cool down first.

        • PoppinFresh

          spoken like a man who knows how to fuck some pizza.

        • copy and paste

          Man up, pussy.

    • jojo

      Doesn't matter…, had sex.

  • DistractedIndividual

    #12 and #29 Mm, now I want a hot dog 😛

  • 4everDistracted

    #6…there must be more pictures out there. I must see!

    • GRyde

      Not if the one on the right has anything to say about it. She looks pissed at blondie.

      • I Love KangKong

        maybe the duckface

      • 99Dug

        Yeah…I'm guessing blondie had chili cheese nachos for lunch…

    • KCJake

      Tineye is your friend (NSFW): http://altfast.ru/1000055415-chetyre-podrugi.html

      They get trashier as you scroll.

      • 4everDistracted

        You sir win the internet!

  • BSS

    #3 Is there anything else in life?

    • joe

      maybe a sandwich for when you're done using everything in the picture

    • Roscoe

      Missing a remote control, but otherwise spot on!!

      • JHL1

        No, she's there holding the pizza and the beer

    • Casey Jacobson

      These are a few of my favorite things.

    • dweebsotl

      Maybe she needs to put down the pizza and bear every once in a while and try a salad. A few crunches wouldn't hurt either.

      • Eddie

        You like penis, don't you?

    • Yessir

      HUMP DAY.

    • Kotlet

      I'd like it better if she was not pregnant…
      But, since she brought offerings, I'll do it.

    • Big Daddy Greg

      Great if you like fat black chicks with man hands and microwave pizza.

  • sheoncebelieved

    #19 is what Paula eats every day, fat bitch,

    • PoppinFresh

      don't feed the trolls.

    • Casey Jacobson

      The burgers or the girls?

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      The one in back ought to hold the burger in front of her face.

    • Yup

      Heart attack grill outside of Phoenix

    • Big Daddy Greg

      Nice gap though…..

  • Catence

    #12 – having a dirty mind just makes life better

  • Eeik5150

    Much better than the previous "Found" today. Good job Chive, good job.

    • ranD

      cant complain about the "found" since obviously she was requested to be found….

  • Anakrusix

    #13 You bastard! HOW DARE YOU!?!

    • Alejandro Loret

      no hover hand over here.

    • BAMFinater

      Janet Jackson part II?

    • patov40

      And, he's got a dick in a box for her!

    • HankVatican

      Take your damn dirty ape hands off of her!

    • zar243

      Please morph into JT's hands…PLEEEEASE!

  • http://twitter.com/ch9fod @ch9fod

    #23 Totally

  • drewdeze

    #23 is just nikcuf perfect!

  • Alejandro Loret

    #22 my photo made it f-yeah.

    • Chiveinator

      here is 100+internets use them wisely

  • drewdeze

    #3 is perfecter though

  • j_rizzo

    I SAID GOOD DAY! #26

  • J.G.

    #18 now that is how a beer arrives in style

    • PoppinFresh

      If this is how they started selling beer I would be broke and an alcoholic.

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      That's so stupid, the beer gets warm that way!

      – hte noe nto dirnkngi

  • Anon

    #9 and suddenly, there were dicks. Lots of them.

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      A friend of mine sent me this pic and told me it is located somewhere near or in Vatican City. Can anyone verify this?

      • Bob

        I heard it is a new bridge in Appleton Wisconsin, Don't know for sure though

  • KyleRetrato

    #24 "Go on… Turn the lights off…"

  • Christian


    …spotted this stuff a number of years ago…it really does contain human placenta (the hospitals collect and freeze them, and the cosmetic companies buy them every couple of months)…the stuff goes into various foundation make-ups as well….think about that next time you are cheek to cheek with your lady.

    • McBeastie

      Or you're completely full of shit and a two second google search revealed that it's animal placenta.

      • foxk56

        Either way, disgusting

  • misschris

    #28 He is The Most Interesting Man in the World.

    • amrith777

      Just don't drink the tea….

  • Allenavw

    #9 I would like to go to this bridge. Bet the architect didn't see that shit coming.

    • Chiveinator

      Happy B_day :*

    • amrith777

      Pun intended?

  • Brad

    usually in shampoo's it's lamb placenta, not human

  • GTO

    every day is a good day to be a helicopter pilot

    • McBeastie

      I've seen those "most shocking videos" shows. Not everyday is a good day for helicopter pilots.

      • FLHomesteader

        It's never a good idea to tow a boat with a helicopter….

      • JT Mo-Nay

        We can rebuild him, we have the technology

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