Shockingly stupid people are given Bad Teacher stamp of approval (26 photos)

Bad Teacher hits theaters June 24 -check out the uncensored trailer here:

  • doin diaz (nom nom)

    that trailer is fuckin hilarious…and no matter what anyone says…I sure wouldn't kick Cameron Diaz out of bed.
    way to go chive.

  • 5Banners

    Who in the hell would pay to come to a site like this???????

  • theo

    the advertisment surely worked, imma go watch it opening weekend

  • Mason

    #20 is a stunt rider, they are supposed to do that, if you them do it and try it yourself then yea you’re stupid
    #21 it’s close enough to being a Harley but he made himself even dumber with the ape hangers

  • Sean

    This gallery was just irritating…I love you Chive…but come on.

  • Lisa

    Leo & John. I hope you fuckers got paid a lot!!!!!!!!!

    Some were good tho. #20 & #25 made me laugh.

  • meh.

    #20 fuck this im a stunter myself and this is not a crash pic… hes doing that on purpose and good. & its tons of fun. why you hatin?

  • Brandon

    Why Chive? Why? Ye olde street cred goes down ye olde tubes…at least use this money for another Venice party….

  • E.V.L.

    Oh for fuck's sake, people! Stop crying and whining about a goddamned ad – Christ, we put up with DeadSpace, we can handle a little Cameron Diaz .. .jesus grow the fuck up!

  • anomicbomb

    Just go back to the Dead Space 2 commercial. You're mother's gonna hate it.

  • LOLdude


  • SugarSkull

    #26 am i the only one who thinks this movie seems dumb? but still…i like those shoes.

  • Troy

    I wish pop culture would stop trying to convince me that cameron diaz is hot and/or funny. The only unbelievable part of the green hornet was seth rogen thinking she was remotely attractive.

  • caleb

    #9 You're a goddamn idiot if you think this is bad.

  • mackin

    I'm less annoyed by the advert (saw it coming…was pretty clear) so much as it is a bunch of reposted pix with "Bad" stamped on them, which added nothing. Ads are how Chive makes money, but if you're gonna do marketing, do CHIVE WORTHY marketing.

  • ranD

    you sir are a fucktard.

  • OneSlownSlue

    First time poster just to say thats a fucking horrible ad.

  • bkfrijoles

    this is way people hate us

  • Stuntrider502

    #20 Nailed it!

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