Where are all the sexy Irish women, Ireland? (15 Photos)

I'm well aware that most of the girls in the gallery below are not Irish. And that's mostly because there's not a single search engine, tumblr, flickr, or Chive submission that proves that hot Irish women exist.

In fact, Leo and I have been to Ireland a couple times recently and the attractive Irish were scarce. We actually saw a couple hotties at the pub once, but when we went to talk to them they had American accents. Don't get me wrong we're huge fans of Ireland, Leo and I are Irish. We're even considering having a Chive meetup in Dublin. But where are all the sexy Irish women hiding?

According to Alexa, theCHIVE is one of the largest sites in Ireland right now, so we know you're tuning in. This is your call to arms. The last time we singled out a country like this, Canada responded, and responded with vigor. If you're an Irish Chivette, snap a photo of yourself representing your homeland in some way. A simple 'Chive On from Ireland' is fine. Guys, if you know any hot Irish women, snap their photo and user our handy-dandy submit page to share them with the world. I'll post a gallery when/if the photos arrive.

This is a great opportunity for our Irish Chivers and Chivettes to debunk the myth that Irish women are not attractive. Do it for your country! Chive On!

John n' Leo

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  • wrb222

    Irish girls are way to Christian and wholesome to be whoring themselves out on the web. Better they stay innocent and righteous than to have some horny 14 year old wackin it to their picture. God Bless Ireland!

  • Tristan

    To John an Leo My wife is from Dublin , Ireland and i'm here to tell you she is smoken hot

  • Betrusco

    Somebody around here said, and I quote…”pictures or it didn’t happen…” Hehehehehe

  • http://facebook.com/XDAYNASARAX day-sara

    you guys just did'nt go to the right place I think …….because when we'r hot WE ARE REALLY HOT but when we'r ugly we'r really ugly so you have to search
    love from an Irish lass !!1

  • http://Thechive jame

    Ireland has Beuatiful land,an nice people..

  • Gerry from Derry

    I know the girl with the flag and the hat. Her name's Clare and I can confirm that she's 100% Irish.

  • Anonymous


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