I hate my job (25 Photos)

We’ve gotten some amazing submissions since last week’s I hate my job and there’s still much more to come. Take a photo of what you hate most about your job. It can be ANYTHING as long as it boils your blood. Then send the photo to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

Chive On!

  • Eeik5150

    Actually Ned used the right your. You are message was right on makes no sense.

    • Monk

      "jim bob" was responding to when I got him to correct me a third time, not Neds.

      • jim bob


        • Chivingtill

          LOL – you guys make me laugh. The timing on all of your comments was spectacular!

  • Allenavw

    My friends have been pulled over in residential and school zones, so yeah people get busted there.

  • Eeik5150

    Funny you say that, I see people pulled over in my residential neighborhood all the time getting tickets. About every 2-3 days someone new. But I guess you're right, they don't patrol or ticket in residential areas *rolls eyes*

  • everyme

    Maybe if your pig friend didn't make his "routine traffic stop" he would never have seen the "business end of a pistol." Fuck you and him, dick.

  • gimletmike

    So, Chive, for those of us who are happy to be employed – when are you going to do an "I love my job" posting?

  • Monk

    You car pool?

  • imjuliooo89

    #1 I Feel your pain. I work out in central Alaska on Fighter jets. When we launch them from the bays in the winter it starts a wind tunnel. -45 turns to -70ish with the wind chill made by the jets. It kinda sucks, but oh well.

  • Remo


    I was a cart attendant at Target in AZ about 22 years ago. Same thing happened then too and it always seemed to be summer!

  • Captain Obvious

    #16, #24
    What did you think the job was? You clean cars… because they are dirty. What kind of person pays to have a clean car cleaned? And as a trash collector… that is self explanatory. You could always work 2 jobs for what that one pays if you'd find that more appealing.

  • Psilo911

    Man I wanna send in a pic of my chive workstation but I could be fired (911 dispatcher and it would violate privacy)

  • Motofoxe

    I'm with you my friend. Nothing like looking at a readout all day long counting by .0001"

  • TylerV

    How bout theChive do a "I love my job" post? All for getting stuff off your chest but too much negativity is a bad thing. Lets keep it positive. Chive on!

  • justnwynn

    your mom goes to college

    • Mac the Intern


      • http://www.facebook.com/justnwynn Justin Wynn

        Mac the Intern commented on my comment! do i conquer the internets yet?

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  • Ryan

    I'm gonna take a picture of the thermometer at work tomorrow and send it in, the other day we had it maxed out at 130 degrees.

  • RDK

    #23 GFY … you put a rain cloud over almost every life you encounter

  • http://www.facebook.com/justnwynn Justin Wynn

    #15 …. that's me!!! yay!! i made it to the interweb!!! if only i wasnt working nights and could have posted this comment sooner. that makes me a sad panda. Man, my job really DOES suck.__that being said.. i think the "chivers who love their job" is a really good idea. __thanks for posting the pictures. thumbs high!!!

  • Matija

    #3 Dude, that's like a 2 min walk. Even if it were 200 degrees and you were wearing a body suit made of pandas that still doesn't justify complaining. Lazy ass…

  • wharfrat

    thanks for #24. it just really summarized my life in some ways. of course the benefits totally rock!

  • dan

    Most jobs posted here are office jobs. It confirms that office jobs officially sucks. Well, in my opinion it does!

  • wademarx

    #1either your at kuparuk or alpine oilfield and yes it is a cold mofo

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  • Jake Baker

    #2 I am on the chive

  • not a fan

    not all traffic laws. maintaining your lane while turning is a good one, that's what lanes are for. using your turn signal? very important, communication amongst drivers helps prevent accidents. speeding? speeding does not *cause* accidents, mistakes in judgment do. speeding only increases the *severity*, not the likelihood of an accident occurring. it would be in the best interest of communities for cops (who are supposed to protect the people, right? not prey upon them?) to sit outside bars and arrest people wanting to drive bc 'they're good' or 'live right there', instead of pulling over someone going 10+ on an empty road.

  • not a fan

    if he runs into you going the speed limit, or going 10 under, you'll still be in an accident and a victim. regardless of the speed, not paying attention/being distracted/impaired was the cause.

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