If it fits, it ships: The Chivers mail it in (36 HQ Photos)

This all started when we put the USPS to the test by sending theBERRY's head editor, Emily, a 60lb box of pennies for a low Flat Rate (the USPS has a ridiculously high 70 lb weight limit). The box was delivered successfully and we thought it would be fun to challenge our Chivers to send whatever they can fit in a USPS Flat Rate box. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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  • WickedWitch

    Hmm, I don't recall seeing #9 on 'hot men of theBerry'? Don't be holding out on us, Chive! 😉

  • karel


  • thundrmker

    Ummmm….. That sand from Hawaii, isn't the sand mostly crushed lava stones from being picked up and beat against the shore for millions of years? Doe's the Brady bunch episode about the curse of taking something from the islands not ring through your head like a warning sent from god? Thats bad bad MOJO. Get rid of it before a large metal piece of art falls off the wall and kills you while you are jumping on the bed. Just saying…………………………………..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=774381773 Tim Liddell

    #25/#26 Must have a remote-remote control car race using the go pros while you sit in a room and go all over the office.

  • Hah


    Chive for show, putt for dough?

  • your daddy

    you are still an idiot. Doesn't matter the location of your mother's house.

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