• medtxpack

    no shit nothing to see here.

    • r@f

      I love it when people comment here and pretend that they didn't even smirked or smiled at the video. screw you guys, go watch Saw or something

      • grammar nazi

        *smirk or smile

    • b-ry

      too many people trying to make funny videos that go viral online and make it to the evening news. add this one to the fake shampoo gig from yesterday.

  • LalaaFace

    that dog be Rollin, but in all seriousness i laughed..HARD

    • HO11YWOOD303

      I like how at :20 he looks over at the camera like "they see me rollin, they hatin"

  • Phlerm

    and then?

  • dicgozinia

    I am sorry, but I want my 30 seconds back. What exactly was funny about that?

    • thatdude

      stfu dickface, this is funny as hell !

    • McBeastie

      I suppose you were going to use that 30 seconds to cure cancer or something? A dog was driving a car! C'mon. Lighten up Francis.

      • DirtyArmySpecialist

        "you just made the list…"

        hahahaha… STRIPES!!

    • cornell

      im sorry sir.. but u have a terminal case of "internetistus" its a common disease when you are not impressed by extraordinary things. for example, a dog was just driving a car. you do not see that everyday buddy..

  • Tankus


  • panama99

    Then, I read the comments and thought "what the fuck am I wasting my time here for, no titties, no one falling on their asses, the dog didn't even flip us off or run any-one over" Damn, I need GIFs.

  • owlsman

    08.37 pm where i live and im STILL workin -.-

    please some more thumbs up so i feel better. thanks alot chivers and chivettes

    • wocmontana

      your plan backfired, begging for thumbs never works dude

      • Allenavw

        Especially if you use the exact same comment you posted on other galleries. At least switch up the wording man.

  • Rob

    Sorry, it was neither AWESOME or FUNNY.

    • McBeastie

      So now you have two things in common with it.

      • someguy

        dayumm ! That's pure Internet Ownage.

  • Dick LeGrande

    That is funny, we use to sit on the passenger side of the car and drive, use to freak people the fuck out man.

    • disturbed

      Where I'm from – those are called Mailmen.

      • Dick LeGrande

        We did it in a car, a 72 Montego, not a mail truck, youngster.

  • Whitey

    They see me rollin……..they hatin

  • Love2LiveLife


    • Major Rocker

      Oh…I didn't realize all material on the Chive was exclusive.

    • V4Vendetta14

      I see all my crappy videos at another shitty site days in advance of the Chive. Its pretty exclusive…you probably haven't heard of it…

  • DOG

    ITS A DOG GHOST RIDING A SUV!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Headfade

    I'd love a dog that could do that, your very own permanent designated driver for nights out!

    • cheapskate

      or just take a cab.

  • ballgravy man


  • b-ry

    send this to AFV and let American vote on it. not chive worthy.

    • b-ry


  • doodle cakes


    this was a Patty caliber post

  • Sugreev2001

    Well,I laughed…so a good video.

  • Victor Abreu Andrade

    Man…i´m a brazilian guy and feel shame about this ¬¬

  • Virulent87


  • Old Jeezy

    The music makes this infinitely better.

  • V4Vendetta14

    That dog is driving a car!!!

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