Hot Right Now: Paulina from South Florida just enrolled at Chive U (24 Photos)

One hundred strong for Hump Day (100 photos)

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And stay tuned for the Hump DAR...

We got a shit ton of tush submissions last week so we had to leave some beautiful butts out, so if you don’t see your tush this week, check back next Wednesday!

  • BGP

    Hump Overload!

  • shann

    "hump". Isn't that where poo comes from?

  • popoloko

    FIND #22 & #43, HAVE MERCY…

  • theMorgue77


  • shon

    i love you #49

  • shon

    Damn I hate when that happens! wrong number last post! #45

  • Jro

    So many to chose from!!!!! This must be Heaven……B)

  • its_forge

    Yeah we get it, you're a screaming faggot. Please quit ruining it for the rest of us, faggot.

    Actually that's not fair since my screaming-queen gay boss would look at that ass and go WHOA! DAT ASS!! No joke, he walked right up to a co-worker, a 20 year old college girl with a gorgeous rump, and said "Girl, that is a hell of an ass you got there."

    • guest

      Whatever you say big man. You can't fault the message so you use slurs.

      Let me get this right: Your argument is that a homosexual guy who doesn't like women, but likes men, is your authority on what makes for an attractive partner?

      Is there something going on with your boss you're trying to hide? I'm guessing you've never been much for making a persuasive argument.

  • JC$

    #54 is quite possibly the sexiest photo I have ever seen. Must have MOAR.

  • Smith

    #13#13 #13 #13 #13 #13 #13 #13 #13 #13 #13 #13 #13 #13 #13 #13 #13

  • Jay Baker

    That is by far the best compilation of TUSH i had the luxury of seeing thus far! well done CHIVE…well done!

  • Anonymous

    #77 Those shoes are totally inappropriate for mountain biking.

  • fatmaddad

    Sweet merciful Zeus…

  • Beckster

    #94 Tits!

  • Sugreev2001

    Bookmarked for "posterity"…thank you,Chive.

  • SSD

    um….. #35,,, is that legal?

  • pingthis

    I know who #19 is. I have actually shot her a few times. She a model from Peoria. I've got MOAR…🙂

  • AnthonySyl

    #13 #21 #44 #61 #72 are helping me get through the rest of my day at work

  • 4acesusaf

    I just went from six to midnight

  • northerner

    how could one file possibly contain such a gorgeousness of fannies is beyond my comprehension…

  • KLB

    #40 MOAR! # 59 MOAR!

  • KLB

    #5 YES. Love the 40 inch hips More of that!

  • KLB

    #59. There has to be more photos.

  • Elyse

    I'd murder someone for #2!!!!

  • derka

    Where do all the hump day rejects go?

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