So this is what Russian High School graduation looks like (36 Photos)

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  • accessdenied

    It’s a good old tradition to put on Soviet school uniform all school events. I love it. Lol: when Russians see that school uniform they think of their childhood, and americans think

    of sex. Russian girls win!🙂

  • hullabaloo

    NOTE: In Russia children graduate at 18. Not at 16, there was a new law. Lol!

  • stone-digger

    A good old tradition u can’t understand! When we see that uniform, we think of childhood! Americans think of perverty


    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • M Shannon Smallwood

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  • http://Not Ismail mazari

    I have checked and found very nice active and shining school girls, I impressed, and felt that they are very polite

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