So this is what Russian High School graduation looks like (36 Photos)

  • TrueGrave


  • Brandon AnyZesty

    Stop fooling around and get to the Hump Day post.

    • Firefighter23

      theChive delivered hardcore with 100 for Hump Day. God Bless those crazy Americans and their website.

  • ChiverMeTimbers

    UMMM…I did not see ONE Pedo Bear in there…

  • Not pedobear

    How long do I have to wait before adding #36 to cart ?

    • pedobeariam

      when your daughter is mine

    • DanglingPP

      16 graduation age. so about 2 years in America. In Russia legal age is……waaaaiiiit fooor iiit… 16!!!!!

      • woolanoow

        14 if you getting married. As for sex… the Russia is good in one thing, you can have sex at any age you like, it will be impossible to prove you got fucked by anybody if you are a girl. So… no prison and no anything for you. Unless her daddy is a well known lawyer or a police officer. :p
        My friend has been having sex since 13. Lovely girl…. 😀

  • Roy Stalin

    didn't know marilyn manson was a russian school girl..

    • Firefighter23


  • morganhunt

    #21 looks like she just shit her pants

    • northerner

      interesting thought, mo

    • Rob


  • Me-maw

    Nice "uniforms"!!!

  • Picco

    isn't (#24) emmanuelle chriqui?

    • picco

      didn't realize she went to highschool in russia….. fail

    • Dave Gal

      I have to agree with you on this one.

    • LineHog

      She went to Unionville High School, Markham, Ontario, don't think that qualifies her as a Russky .

    • Mark Stolzoff

      yea, it is

    • TylerV


  • Rangerdanger

    Damn it you beat me to it…

    • ranD

      damn it was deleted already. WHAT DOES IT SAAAAY

  • Make_It_Rain

    PedoBear is happy now!!!

  • tralfaz

    Next off to mail order bride college.

    • echogeo

      I was just going to ask how long before we see 2/3 of this post on a Russian mail Order Bride post.

  • Edward

    HUMP DAY!!!!

  • Kawikka

    Some look pretty young to me. I feel aroused and sleezy at the same time.

    • Dirk Dickem

      Stick yourself….now!!!!!!

    • riverdog

      #20 has already advanced to intermediate level. Fair game.

  • bisketz

    #17………U effin kiddin me? High School, Jail bait.

    • b-ry

      looks more like a public school grad to me.

  • medtxpack

    what a bitch! crop dusting right by the stairs!!

  • Veronica Rivas

    I want one of those little black & white outfits.

  • Federico Schulzen

    #2 #11 #18

  • 4SOC20saint

    holy shit

  • Wooster

    I wonder if we'll see any of these women on your mail order bride post in 3 years.

  • owlsman

    where i live its already 6.30 pm and im still workin -.-

    please give me some thumbs up to feel better. thanks alot

  • Coolio

    #12 Fucking nerd gets all the hot chicks

    • Bored855

      In the words of the immortal Ogre…………………….NERDSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NonfatWombat

    #28 WTF's up with the maid outfits?

    Congratulations on graduating! Now, start cleaning.

    • top dog

      Goddamit! If I had read yours I would never have posted mine.

    • Moris Moss

      They are not maid outfits. They are similar to school uniforms that girls had to wear in Soviet Union, only now they make them look slutty to adjust for the occasion. It has become a tradition to wear these for graduation after wearing these uniforms was not required by schools anymore.

  • EJK

    what's with the french maid outfits?

  • disturbed

    #8 *Add to cart. Should be 18 by the time she gets here if I don't expedite shipping.

  • oX_Animal_Xo

    So um, for purely scientific purposes….what's the legal age of consent in Russia? #15

    • Pufffdragon

      Why do these bitches pluck their eyebrows out just to paint them back on again?

    • @meccep

      18 years

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