So this is what Russian High School graduation looks like (36 Photos)

  • Dan

    Is this the infamous M.O.B. university?

  • F. Gump

    #21 #20 #34 #29 Very interesting. I did not realize that in Russia the girls went from high school right into the porn and hotel industries. I would venture to guess that some do both….kind of a like a double major here in the states.

  • jc1303

    How old do I have to be to qualify as a dirty old man?
    I need an answer by the time I get back from the bathroom…

  • jc1303

    Couldnt believe it, why has no one else commented on this?

    Hopefully they are buy one get one free from the russian brides website

  • travq57

    #24 is Canadian

  • maharashi

    mongo happy!



  • scoops

    #s 19 & 20…..soo hott!!

  • AnthonySyl

    future mail order brides?

  • northerner

    you did this to us last year with Russian girls graduating. Same comment this year: fortunately my grad class wasn't so voluptuous. My shorts couldn't have taken the tectonic stresses. There are some lovelies in this batch too. And from the looks of the pics, just as crazy as last year's.

  • Bored855

    Sorry 'merica, but they just kicked our asses in H.S. graduation. And for that, I say thank you.xD

  • Vegeta

    Russian Girls = win

  • bob lee swagger

    # 24

    Sloan is hottttt

  • bob lee swagger


    i ment

  • mikeraw

    What's #24 Entourage chick doing here?

  • Jr.

    My grad pales compared to every single one of these!

  • Alll

    Oh Russian ladies!

  • luis_pedro_sato

    I starting to love Russia

  • Jen

    #21 air biscuit

  • Bob

    I love the french maid get ups. Makes me want to go to russia, and be an old creep hitting on the high school graduates.

  • Milk Man

    future russian mail order brides #15

  • @ecastroe

    why is emmanuelle chriqui in this post?? not that I'm complaining, just wondering… #24

  • Smitty

    I have only three things to say about these Ruskie ladies…

    Moar, Moar, MOAR!

  • woolanoow

    Chive, you really must invest some timing into Ukrainian girls. The Russian girls are fine, but our, Ukrainian girls are the best according to Europeans standards and the amount of Ukrainian hookers all over the Europe.
    Our graduation day (in Ukraine) was much more fun…

  • Griffin Heath

    #15 Y U No Have Eyebrows???

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