• Anakrusix

    Wow. That is a load of bull.

    Reimburse these great soldiers. Now, dammit!

  • SSMK

    And they were all in uniform at that. Surely the airlines pr will say that they will be reimbursed and that it won't happen again. But it's still COMPLETE bullshit. I kind of like his wording though during the "interview" when he said "the weapon he uses to protect himself and afghan citizens". Sometimes that "fighting for your rights and freedom" shit gets tired. We all know it, but they're fighting to survive to make it back home.

    God bless America…except that fucking airline. BULLSHIT!

  • 4everDistracted

    The Army has said they will reimburse all of the soldiers on their travel claims and told the soldiers to take the video off of youtube.

    I refuse to fly Delta anymore. Aside from this atrocity, when I was traveling on emergency leave back home to see my grandpa, who was on his death bed, Delta decided to sell my PAID FOR reserved seat to someone else. I sat in Logan Int'l airport for 6 hours waiting for the next flight to New Orleans. Subsequently, my Papa passed while I was in the air. Had I been on my original flight, I would have been able to say goodbye.

  • medic2012

    The real fun begins when you start working on travel vouchers.

  • 4everDistracted

    Thank you, and I'm sorry for your loss as well.

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