Which would you take: Pen or Pipe gun? (11 Photos)

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  • Chong

    Pipe gun.

  • Anakrusix

    How does this work exactly?

    • fgsdgfsd

      They,re very simple. so called "zip guns" like this only have 1 moving part plus a spring.
      it operates by unscrewing the barrel, and placing a round in it. you then screw the loaded barrel back on. to fire you draw back in the small knob on the side of the gun, this is connected to the only moving part. A firing pin with a coil spring behind it. let go of the knob and the firing pin will slam forward and set off the cartridge.

  • unknown


  • Don

    natalie – YAY! matt and leah, these petucris came out wonderfully! I love them all but matt, I would agree, the one with them walking in front of the egg is AMAZING, it gives me the chills! Ashley is the happiest most beautiful bride and I am so happy her and Sean are married (finally!). What a fun wedding! Congrats to Ash & Sean, love you both!

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