Chivette of the Week: Meet Jade Oakley (31 Photos)

Last Friday, I received the photo below there from a beautiful English girl who was a fan of the DAR. After the photo hit the DAR, the Chivers flooded me with requests to make her the Chivette of the week. If you haven't noticed yet, the Chivers dictate who becomes the Chivette of the Week these days. This is your site as much at it is mine. Your Chivette of the Week is Jade Oakley. She about the sweetest girl I've met and she's a bit nervous (Jade's a big admirer of the Chivettes who've come before her) so hopefully y'all set her at ease. I'll let Jade take it from here.

Hi Chivers. My name is Jade, I'm 18 from Suffolk in England. I'm not much for the city, I'm a country girl who loves metal and rock music. I'm currently studying business and want to pursue law at university. But I spend far too much time listening to Nyan Cat at the moment and maybe its destroyed my brain.
I'm not arrogant (arrogant people reaaaaaly annoy me ). I think you should treat others the way you'd hope to be treated. Right now I'm considering becoming a very non-arrogant model. Lots of people just say if I enter modeling it can lead to a lucky break! And with that I've actually entered a talent contest (gulp) to see how it goes. I figured why the hell not. So that's me in a nutshell. Oh, and I LOVE the Chive. It's got a vibe like no other site and I'm hopelessly addicted and proud and humbled to be a Chivette.

I finally make Jade tell me the competition she entered. Turns out it's the 'Next Top Model' competition where the people decide who gets chosen by voting. Chivers, let's give Jade a big push. Her voting page is right here and it takes about 10 seconds. You can actually see her overall rank as the votes come in I think. Let's give her a push. Vote Here.

Cast a vote for Jade here.

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, concur with all statements calling bullshit on the "no makeup" pic.

  • chitopher

    No chive t-shirt – fail
    No makeup lie- fail
    Twilight poster – fail
    Made up story about arrogance – fail

    Still a damn cute little liar though.

  • terry

    Why did she not show the hump??????

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