Chivette of the Week: Meet Jade Oakley (31 Photos)

Last Friday, I received the photo below there from a beautiful English girl who was a fan of the DAR. After the photo hit the DAR, the Chivers flooded me with requests to make her the Chivette of the week. If you haven't noticed yet, the Chivers dictate who becomes the Chivette of the Week these days. This is your site as much at it is mine. Your Chivette of the Week is Jade Oakley. She about the sweetest girl I've met and she's a bit nervous (Jade's a big admirer of the Chivettes who've come before her) so hopefully y'all set her at ease. I'll let Jade take it from here.

Hi Chivers. My name is Jade, I'm 18 from Suffolk in England. I'm not much for the city, I'm a country girl who loves metal and rock music. I'm currently studying business and want to pursue law at university. But I spend far too much time listening to Nyan Cat at the moment and maybe its destroyed my brain.
I'm not arrogant (arrogant people reaaaaaly annoy me ). I think you should treat others the way you'd hope to be treated. Right now I'm considering becoming a very non-arrogant model. Lots of people just say if I enter modeling it can lead to a lucky break! And with that I've actually entered a talent contest (gulp) to see how it goes. I figured why the hell not. So that's me in a nutshell. Oh, and I LOVE the Chive. It's got a vibe like no other site and I'm hopelessly addicted and proud and humbled to be a Chivette.

I finally make Jade tell me the competition she entered. Turns out it's the 'Next Top Model' competition where the people decide who gets chosen by voting. Chivers, let's give Jade a big push. Her voting page is right here and it takes about 10 seconds. You can actually see her overall rank as the votes come in I think. Let's give her a push. Vote Here.

Cast a vote for Jade here.

  • Sarah

    Jade, you're beautiful
    #25, #30

    • equalizermax

      Partial duckface – forgivable

      • Tay Tay

        duckface…every picture

        • Sarah

          I think thats just her face when she's not smiling. And it wasn't 'duck face', but looked like a natural pout. She's beautiful.


    • Billy

      Current position 2,597. I just voted lets see how high we can take her. Chive On…………

      • ilovethechive

        I just voted and her current position was 666….Chivers makin a difference in 10 minutes!

        • well played

          she is at 254 now…keep going!!!

      • wAvz

        Current position 49 ❤

        • Ernie

          voted: position 33

    • Urban

      #4, #18, #30 Ease up on the makeup a little, Great eyes, lovely lips. I'd give her a solid 7. Cute pictures.

      • urDad

        duckface duckface duckface

    • GK-4

      So we gonna hook her up with a modeling contract already?
      Don't think the rest of the world can wait.

    • Vincent L Michaelson

      Very beautiful

  • Perry

    There were a few commenters last week that said she needed makeup to be pretty (i was one of them)
    Respect for taking the pic with zero makeup. You're gorgeous.

    • Shack

      TheChive needs more "without makeup" pics, I think.

    • Nina

      As a girl, I've gotta say it looks like she's still wearing a bit mascara and eyeliner here.. But still, gorgeous girl! 🙂

      • DistractedIndividual

        Thought the same-

      • Sarah

        Can't speak for her, but my eyes have a natural dark line around them. It always looks like I have permanent eyeliner. lol

        • neilltumulac

          I'm a guy and also seem to have this. 😐

          • Catch


    • Evan

      I'm a girl, and girls wear makeup. we do it for you, boys. this is nothing new. she's beautiful without it but there's no harm in wearing it… because that's what we do

      • Brad

        I don't believe that, seems to me that most of the stuff you do to get ready to go out is for other girls, so they won't be catty or think you're a mess…

      • MiketheWoman

        Evan doesn't really sound like a girls name…

      • CBRADIO

        Girls don't wear make-up for boys…they wear it for other girls.

        Do you think we (men) notice all the small details? Granted there is a difference in a woman wearing make up or not, but that's not my arguement 🙂

        Just a conversation I remember having with my ex…that was her position…sort of makes sense. "Girl-world" from what I've witnessed as the opposite sex, is not a very nice place.

        • Ateka

          I do notice the make up, and I do enjoy it. It is flattering to most girls. Even girls who are pretty without are still pretty with.

    • equalizermax

      This is what I expect for a girl when we wake up in the morning

      • Gooner29

        What you expect and what you actually get, is most likely two very different things.

        • texmex

          he probably gets a palm full of hair

    • Haterade

      How can you tell she has no makeup with all the cake in front of her face?

      • hater

        glad to have you back bro

    • Tee6

      she is wearing make-up

    • rpoy70

      # 24 I'm pretty sure she is still wearing eye shadow and blush and lipstick in this photo. She looks great with it. For those who say they don't like girls that don't wear make-up, that's only partly true. All girls wear make-up to cover blemishes and the such. You guys like girls who are good at putting it on and who only wear a minimal amount of make-up instead of caking it on. And I agree, heavy make-up like some of the pics above are not attractive

    • AnnFrankenstein

      She's wearing makeup. Now I hate her for lying to the chive. How dare she!

    • Surgere

      She looks better without makeup than she does with makeup.
      Take it easy on the mascara. =)

    • Anonarama

      If anyone thinks she's not actually wearing any makeup in this picture… you're very gullible. I mean, unless she replaced makeup with photoshop, she/whoever captioned it is full of shit.

    • Charlie

      You think that's no makeup? Trust me I'm a girl and she is wearing a LOT of makeup there 😉

    • kevin

      Makeup is for fakes. Stop BEING A FAKE!

    • Charlie

      She's wearing a fair amount of makeup (eyeliner, lippy) (a girl can easily tell)
      She would still be gorgeous if she didn't wear any makeup though, I wish she would take it all off!

  • misschris

    Smokin hot! But I would like to see more of that pretty smile #27

    • MadManDad

      I would walk around behind her here…but she is like 15

      • Hand of Fate

        Except for the fact that she said she was 18… (and I for one choose to believe her…)


      yeah. She is smoking hot but kinda has the same face syndrome..that's why this pic w/a smile is great. She has my vote!

    • haha

      she has the same face in every picture because her teeth are completely jacked up. duh.

  • drew

    #26 sweet

    • chris


    • eaDavid

      kill. that. poster.

  • Owen Smithers


    Classy photo. Nice.

  • cmonstur

    Just gorgeous. Love #24, she's a natural beauty. And #25 is smokin hot.

    • -KhmerStory-

      My gosh she's hot.

  • The Carrot

    awwwwww yeeeaaahhhh

  • V4Vendetta14

    #24, You have to love a girl who is roll-out-of-bed-gorgeous!!!

    • Busted

      Yeah, her cheeks must be that red so naturally … Just like the hair, roll out of the bed as in a commercial kind of haircut !

  • louis

    Marry me!

  • sly

    #24 is you without makeup and the "i just got laid" hairdo? still gave me a boner

  • brent

    feel free to send moar pics.

  • nepster

    #24, could care less about not having a stitch of make up…where are the ones without a stitch of clothing?

    • Chris Van Horne

      beat me 2 the punch

    • buster cherry

      How about the ones without a stitch of plastic surgery?

      • gam

        I think its "couldn't care less" =]

  • Mr_Rob

    You should just come and ask again tomorrow…


    Yeah, she's pretty hot

  • Mr. Shush

    #26 Almost perfect – that's a damn Twilight poster in the background, isn't it?

    • Eeik5150

      ARGH! Twit-light for the loss!!!! I'd rather see duckface over that.

    • Spellwvr

      I think it's more telling that you all recognized the twilight poster from just a part of it…..

    • WS6

      There's a poster in that pic?

    • wogitalia

      You know how I can tell???

    • Go-Heat!

      You know how I know you're gay?

    • Bazinga

      Nice photobomb. I didn't notice until you said something.

  • Sharky

    The black and white ones are the best #12 #21

  • Mephiston360

    I approve of this post. Jade you have my vote. Keep being beautiful.

    • TCUchiver

      #266 when i cast mine….a minute ago

      • bettingonthecubs

        #134 i just voted

  • Jim Bob

    Yes Jade, I will have sex with you.

    • Paula_

      Don't make your boyfriend doubt your sexual preferences, that's just mean.

      – the one you love to hate

      • Eeik5150

        Fed the troll a +1

      • Michel Payette

        +2 lol

      • MadManDad

        ROR! Raugh Out Roud!

      • switch_24

        LOL.. this would be the first time i give Paula +1 thumb..

    • cherylbirch

      …Because she really wants you.

  • adam

    Great pics. #26 and #29 are super legit. You get my love from across the pond, for sure. Good luck in your comp. I voted for ya.

  • Tim

    chivette, y u no show ur bum?

  • Guest commenter

    I am going to be haunted by those eyes. And by "haunted," I mean to say that I will be fantasizing about them staring at me for days. And I hate blue eyes. G'Lawd, have mercy. Stunning eyes.

  • Craig


  • Coolhand37

    If she is really an avid chiver, wouldn't she know not to do the duckface? #11 #16 #29 #30

    • parker

      i think that's the way she was made. I'm not going to knock her genetics.

      • Coolhand37

        I think she has great genetics. I also think she was puckering up too much in these four photos.

    • TitoRigatoni

      ^^This. Very pretty girl, but seriously, lose the duck face before you try modelling. You have a beautiful smile, use it.

  • Broadbem

    This is what i was thinking looking through all of her photos….

  • Nathan Stone

    #30 Her eyes are amazing… Not that the rest of her isn't as well. I voted.

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