Dopamine dump (40 photos)

  • TylerV

    #32 I'll make it rain on that lazy jane ;]

  • Terrance_

    #1…so is he going to double in size or cease to exist?

  • Bob

    #4 makes me happy

  • gdafd

    #11 MJ: wanna team up next year? PE: what? you must be joking? MJ: sure am, you're never getting a ring.

  • Paul

    -No, I'm not in the group yet. I'm afraid I just blue myself.

    -There's gotta be a better way to say that.

    • JeffM

      Illusion Michael, a trick is what a whore does for money

      • DragonFart

        or cocaine

  • Paul

    She calls it a Mayonegg.

    • Monk

      It's as Anne as the nose on plains face.

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    #8, I want HER tuna sammich

  • Nick

    #38 I'm pretty sure one of the jackass guys shit in that in one of the movies (2 or 3 i think) Believe it was Dave England

  • Jeff Apel

    #32 Sara Jean Underwood? Yes no?

  • Ryan Kelly

    Im calling bullshit on #16..

    • Johns_d

      Accidently done it once about 10 years ago. It stuck in the plastic right where it all comes together and it stayed there for about 3 weeks before falling. I have a pic somewhere

  • Seannerz

    #37 A seeing-eye dog is a beautiful creature. This photo makes me happy.

  • PincheGringo

    is #31 shel sivlerstein? I loved that shit as a kid

  • an Irishman

    Happens every 5 or 10 years in belfast, northern ireland as some sorta memorial thing cause thats where they used to be made

  • 4acesusaf

    #27 Coolest dog in the galaxy

  • schnizz

    elmo loves vajayjay

  • Ripple

    in a rare combination of virgin and awesome this set had to be custom made, theres no way it woulda went past twin

  • av8or21

    #19…fuck that!

  • tralfaz

    #40 I know kung fu

  • TPS

    #35 what is this I don't even…

  • Dan-0

    #6 Zabriskie Point! I was a little boy in North Phoenix when they filmed this movie. Shook houses for miles. Back in those days there was no wanrning to the media or cops. They just blew the house up. Scared the whole town. The movie sucks by the way, you will be dissapointed. The director had two main cost to this movie camera's and explosives. What he didn't spend on one he spent on the other and then played back every angle possible in the final 5 min of the film…UHHHHHG. Although, i'm not sure how much he spent on "blow" to get the main actress into a three way in the movie.

  • Guest

    #16 my friend did this once only it was a bull. the fact that he was a bit drunk at the time made it all the more amazing.

  • mark

    #26 …. To all who posted, you are my girlfriend and I's long lost best friends.

  • The Bandit

    #20 ….he's after the droids they're looking for….

  • hipsterbgone

    #8 pic would be so much hotter if she were chugging that beer instead… js

  • bkfrijoles

    #22 yes

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