• Armando

    well..now you know what to talk about when you go out on a date with her lol

  • aussiedude69

    WTF…i luv pussies too but don't think i would cry about them…

  • buster cherry

    Little girl voice. Dr. Drew would have a field day.

  • David

    she is perfect… just as crazy as all my ex girlfriends.

  • Chris


  • chris rap

    so fake…but friggin hilarious.

  • black27696


  • Jaredallas

    I love that she's got the standards in place so that hugging every cat WOULD be crazy. Crying because you love cats is still on her side of the crazy border. And, I'm assuming this is the take she went with. Like, "Oh yeah, this is me at my very best!"

  • sirforsyth

    Don't stick your dick in the crazy.

  • TheAbeVigoda

    Hannibal Lecter…? I just thought that meant she'd be fat.

  • DrInsane2U

    Cats don't like to be hugged I`am suprised she don`t have a million scratches on her face

  • cha

    the best part of the vid is at 1:35

  • Stevo

    looks like she was about to start blubbing again at the end.
    Still, looks like a keeper on my scale.


  • doublek

    OMG she can seriously come hug my cats anytime! Attractive Cat Ladies FOR THE FUCKING WIN!

  • ilovecatstoo

    This has to be fake, I mean come on, really? Come on! and something something pussy joke

  • Stevo

    I'd bring over my two tall friends, both named Richard.

  • Jesse

    Hannibal Lecter would eat her to save the rest of us from having to see another video like this.

  • Paul

    Gawd the women today are fn freaks, somewhere between the spectrum of clinically insane and had a labatomy when they were born!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Worldof-Weirdcraft/830809217 Worldof Weirdcraft

    Hard to tell if Troll or just very very creepy…..

  • Jeff

    Well she's a good actor thats for sure, cute face too, ha ha ha

  • Akrosnake

    She probably loves cats !

  • thom

    I found this difficult to masturbate to.

    • Clive H Rainforest



  • Hoagmeister

    I'm too old, and too happily married for eHarmony; but it would be a chuckle to see how many men watched this video, then cancelled their accounts, changed their names, changed their service providers, and their cellphone numbers–just for having looked at this.

  • HanaBerlin

    I do not believe this woman has her MBA.

  • SaminVA

    How many of you morons think this is real? No f'ing way that girl has an MBA. From anywhere. If they gave away mba's with proof's of purchase from cereal boxes, this girl still wouldn't have one. It's funny though.

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