• Christopher McGowan

    That's what it's called, "retard internet speak." …aka commenters who write like retards.
    "Blue bird is blue!"
    Yeah, not fucking funny!!!

    • HaH

      LMAO you must be mad .

  • Buddy Buttplug

    When my two cats heard her voice they ran and hid under the sofa. Perhaps another Lorena Bobbit in the making? I'd be afraid to fall asleep in the same bed with her.

  • Bluto



    Meow Meow !!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-Montgomery/1120820731 Matthew Montgomery

    Here you go guys this will explain everything

    • Lia

      That was actually interesting. Son certainly doesn’t suffer from a lack of enthusiasm….

  • Tuchang

    Hmmmm, cat, taste like chicken! How much hysteria do you think that comment would stir up in her!

  • Benji

    You're all looking at her the wrong way. Buy her some cats and you don't have to pander to any of her emotional needs.

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    how crazy lady got started

  • Harvey

    I think a 2nd take may be on order.

  • Mark

    this woman loves cats too >>>

  • 2257

    NKOTB says: "She can NOT get the dick around here. Yeah, we hate cats."

  • Puppetman

    id do her hell id even date her….anyone got her profile

  • Brian

    Has anyone sent this to Tosh.O??

  • Kinnikinnik

    Seems pretty low maintenance. Not.Completely.Psycho or anything like that.
    Ah, imagine forgetting the ice cream when you run to the store. Fun times.
    Just. Wow.

  • Graham

    hey christopher…. go f yourself

  • Lux's Waffle

    words can't explain a mind that doesn't know.

    in other words, her cheese slide right off her cracker.

  • BearCamo

    Eh I’d fuck that crazy bitch

  • coolbert

    ''and I love to run" aha best part

  • Air

    I think she likes dogs

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  • 103M

    Villanova should be proud!

  • Nick

    I wonder if she likes cats?

  • MariJane03

    … And… still single…naaa, really!? Haha. Poor thing. How to scare a guy, or girl off, check!

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  • Travis

    I like you

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