The new Chive Logo Tees have arrived!

chivery win The new Chive Logo Tees have arrived!

The new Chive Logo Tees have arrived and we’re really happy with them. Over the past few months, we’ve taken in all your feedback about the Logo Tees because we’re constantly trying to improve on our existing products at theCHIVERY, such is the nature of progress.

What we found is the Chivers prefer a slightly larger fit and just a little bit longer. The shirts we really needed are not produced by any t-shirt manufacturer… so we made our own. That’s right, the new Chive Logo Tees, as well as all the new designs moving forward, are completely custom made for the Chivers. You won’t find them anywhere else.

The new Logo Tees have a larger, sharper logo, a better fit, but the same awesome softness as the old Logo Tees. We think you’re gonna love ’em. Logo Tees available here.

Chive On,


Edit: The women’s shirts will be here in just a couple days. They will be completely different, more feminine scoop necks! We’ll keep you posted.

Second Edit: SOLD OUT

  • mark

    i got 5. don't care what anybody thinks

  • Ninjack

    Finally!!! TheChive Tee is MINEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • owner

      Get a life.

  • Daniel

    that was a race. fuck. my hands where shaking

    • Paul

      i almost threw up twice

  • Sabrina

    women's small black chive tees — either they sold out already, or you didn't get the stock. C'MONNNNNNN!

    • lane

      i hear sad chivettes everywhere…

  • Easter Bunny

    Just like Santa and the M & M's …..they do exist!

  • nww


  • joey98

    Why are the black ones $5 more now?!?!?

    • Daniel

      the new tees are a custom job. i wrote the chive once cause i've never been able to get a logo tee. told them i'd pay whatever. their response was that they don't make anything off the logo tees really, so i imagine these new ones cost a sight more to produce… and they're still pretty cheap.

    • plain & simple

      their gouging.

  • chrisdg74

    FINALLY got mine! I think my pulse doubled trying to get through the order process.

  • jakubwrobel

    No White Tees in Medium? Sad face….

  • Karyn

    I have waiting and waiting to a women’s size small. When will those be availible?

    • plain & simple

      read the post.

  • halien

    I got me 2!!!!!!!! nom nom nom nom nom …

  • Kaseybeth:)

    no women's black at all…. 😦

  • DweebsterDeluxe

    At first it kept saying that the mediums were sold out so I got a small..finished order, mediums available..WTF?
    Oh well, I still got my hands on one!

  • Nina

    Larger and longer? The old women's Medium I bought looked like it should be a men's Large, it was way too big…

    • Daniel

      they are rolling out all new women's tees. totally different fit

      • Nina

        Yeah I just saw the edit John added on to the original post now 🙂 Just hoping the "larger and longer" does not apply to the women's tees too.. 🙂

        • 36DDLover

          Just need to grow bigger boobies…..that way they will fit!

          • Nina


            That's what the old M looks like on me, although I guess a wet t-shirt gives a slightly wrong impression of the size of the tee. Just saying it doesn't really look like a women's fit tee at all, it's too long/large/the sleeves are too big/long.. 🙂

            • DistractedIndividual

              My women's Medium I got is huge on me too…And I do have biggens'

  • HardCoreMike

    YES!! Oh yes!!! I will wear it with pride… even to weddings and during fornication as dictated by TheChive!

  • Unamused Chivette

    Waited for a women's small so I wouldn't have to pay extra shipping when I bought a men's shirt for my boyfriend. You're letting me down, Chive! 😦

    And you couldn't tell us about the price increase BEFORE the sale? 😦

  • Yesssss I just got one in black and large.. Chive On!


  • Nikki

    I kept refreshing until it was time so i know i was here almost immediately and still no women's sizes. what about the chivettes?!?!

  • Surf and Snow

    Woot! Finally scored one! Large/Black.

  • Stephany

    What about the girl chive logo tees? Or did they really sell out in less than 5 minutes? :[

  • Dougie

    only 65 XL's left!

  • Dougie

    and 15 XXL's left!

  • Truthseer

    TOTAL GARBAGE!!! They were there when I was Checking ouT!

  • jamie


  • YOoo!

    Wow..already sold out? -.-

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