The new Chive Logo Tees have arrived!

chivery win The new Chive Logo Tees have arrived!

The new Chive Logo Tees have arrived and we’re really happy with them. Over the past few months, we’ve taken in all your feedback about the Logo Tees because we’re constantly trying to improve on our existing products at theCHIVERY, such is the nature of progress.

What we found is the Chivers prefer a slightly larger fit and just a little bit longer. The shirts we really needed are not produced by any t-shirt manufacturer… so we made our own. That’s right, the new Chive Logo Tees, as well as all the new designs moving forward, are completely custom made for the Chivers. You won’t find them anywhere else.

The new Logo Tees have a larger, sharper logo, a better fit, but the same awesome softness as the old Logo Tees. We think you’re gonna love ’em. Logo Tees available here.

Chive On,


Edit: The women’s shirts will be here in just a couple days. They will be completely different, more feminine scoop necks! We’ll keep you posted.

Second Edit: SOLD OUT

  • Lowrent75

    Still no T. Es no bueno….

  • blacksun919

    Come on chive… can´t you get more than 10 shirts to sell???

  • truthteller

    Calm the fuck down losers ,its just a friggin Tshirt.

    • Paula_

      FUCK THIS GUY! Them kill it with fire and permaban him!

      It's the fucking Holy Grail! A must have!

      – not owning a Chive Tee just yet

      • tyler durden

        Says the spam queen who posts lame retarded ramblings all day on the Chive.

  • Jdmhammer

    Wtf. Sold out again!

  • urdad

    Congrats ,now show them off to ur mom ,dad and ur inflatable doll.

  • chester

    What’s the point of offering shirts if you sell out within a minute each time. I’m over it. If you can make your own, so can everyone else. But mine will have Godzilla on it

    • Mr. Iziro

      can you make me one of those too? I buy it from you.

    • SteveJ

      If you ever make these, I will buy one (or more)!

  • Dylan

    son of a…

    • Billy

      One legged ………

      • DistractedIndividual

        …..Purple people eater?

    • Billy


      • Paula_

        DO NOT reply, just hit 'report' say why, click submit. That often helps.

  • HardCoreMike

    This brings up a good point, John! I can see someone bootlegging these on eBay of yer not careful. Seen it happen with band tees.

  • @p_oneill

    The article stated quite clearly that the reason it took so long was that they created an entirely custom shirt as a base – that takes TIME and $$$.

    Now that this is set up, I'm sure they'll be able to turn around future orders pretty quick.

    <franknfurter>"I see you shiver with.. Antici……….. Pation."</franknfurter>

  • Terry Burke

    damn it!!!!!

  • ROK247

    TIL your average male chiver is wider and longer than your everday man.

  • Yann

    God damn it ! I'm fucking too late to have one ! Jez !
    When are you guys going to have more of them ?

  • GetMoreShirtsPlz

    What is the next expected date for you to get Tees.
    It simply amazes me that you can not order enough T-Shirts to meet your supply.
    And as someone pointed out, you should be charging $20+ for the shirts since the demand is so high.
    In the meantime, that guy who is going to start bootlegging your shirts just got an order from me!

  • Vac

    What to do with a day off from work? … Get a Chive Logo shirt – Challenge COMPLETE!

  • Major Rocker

    Yesterday the site said Thursday 9AM. Today at 9AM it said tomorrow. Now sold out….again. I call BS.

  • Gene

    It took me a few tries, but I got my black chive t !! Sweet

  • Jesse

    Wait a minute… So no one at the chive can manage to figure this out? Pretty simple dish out more capital or have them dropped shipped. I don't get it.

  • Guest

    WTHFS! can't you people manage some supply for the demand!? Put the whipped cream and Vaseline down and produce!! damnit! SHIRTS!

  • Blow

    How about getting some of your other Tees in stock too…

  • Jason

    I'll be willing to bet that all these people who complain that theChive didn't buy enough tees will still try to buy one next time they're available. I also think that since the tees are so hard to get, it creates an aura about them. The tees have the status of a legend. I imagine that if Big Foot was ever found, he'd be wearing a black Chive logo tee. If everyone could easily get one, they wouldn't be as fucking awesome.

    Chive On!

  • WillieDee

    Ahh, Chivery, why u hate de big n tall? 4X peeples wanna Chive logo T too.

  • sodapants

    Was lucky enough to get one this morning. I do like the first shit, but I hope the logo lasts longer on these. After one wash the green C became white and after the second wash, is almost completely gone. Now I look like the asshole supporting "The hive."

  • Jeff

    who cares about a stupid shirt they print 5 a month of…I wouldnt pay a penny for one…

    • lane

      Good. We don't need people like you repping the Chive.

  • caleb

    Damn you chive, sold out as usual. How the hell am I supposed to get a Chive tee when I'm teaching at 9? Pissed right off.

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