The new Chive Logo Tees have arrived!

chivery win The new Chive Logo Tees have arrived!

The new Chive Logo Tees have arrived and we’re really happy with them. Over the past few months, we’ve taken in all your feedback about the Logo Tees because we’re constantly trying to improve on our existing products at theCHIVERY, such is the nature of progress.

What we found is the Chivers prefer a slightly larger fit and just a little bit longer. The shirts we really needed are not produced by any t-shirt manufacturer… so we made our own. That’s right, the new Chive Logo Tees, as well as all the new designs moving forward, are completely custom made for the Chivers. You won’t find them anywhere else.

The new Logo Tees have a larger, sharper logo, a better fit, but the same awesome softness as the old Logo Tees. We think you’re gonna love ’em. Logo Tees available here.

Chive On,


Edit: The women’s shirts will be here in just a couple days. They will be completely different, more feminine scoop necks! We’ll keep you posted.

Second Edit: SOLD OUT

  • Max Immes

    Please print more of those FASt…. every time I come to the Chivery, I telle myself, This time I buy 5-6 of them at last… but it's always sold-out. I live in europe and don't wanna wake up at 03 in the morning every day to check if there is some stock….
    Better chances to win lottery… 🙂

  • dadkind

    I asked about this last time. They only order 300 shirts at a time (each size). They are seriously underestimating the demand for their shirts!

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