Celebs had their s^*tty jobs too (23 Photos)

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And hey, if your had or have this job what can I say…get a new job.
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  • DrInsane2U

    Fuckin love OZZY

  • soupnuts

    What's #9 name?

  • http://blog.tomsforeign.com Edward

    #1 Lol no f'ing way!

  • Chiveinator

    Wonder how many times he was the meat in a 'Hamm' sandwhich

    • Orgasmo

      On the porno set ?

  • P90

    #16 'Nothing shitty about that'……except for the part about being a juggler.

    • Chiveinator

      they the forgot the Shittier job being the love interest in chick flicks



  • crazydog

    #12 and el guapo's right hand man…maybe he had a plethora of cocaine

  • Greasyphysique

    Put makeup on corpses at a mortuary, became a shitty actress…Whoopi something.

  • charles

    #8 "you're an eggplant"

  • Anonymous


  • panama99

    #2 used to put make-up on corpses, now she wakes up each morning and she is still doing the same thing…..look at that face!!!

    • lukeP

      get this man a sitcom

  • sg


  • ChiverMeTimbers

    #15 Shawn Connery was also a Nude Model for art Students at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Just a bit a trivia for you. See you Do learn stuff on field trips!

  • Bryan

    I can see that…. #5 & #8

  • bless1

    #8- damn, lion tamer? thats boss.

  • Mitch

    #4 Never realized working as a carpenter was a shitty job. But now that I think about it, having a job where you work with your hands, develop a skill set that can be used anywhere in the world, actually produce something tangible and useful, and don't sit on your ass all day in a climate controlled cubicle playing on your computer does seem pretty shitty. What was I thinking all these years.

    Mitch, the Carpenter

  • Joel

    Hey! You're talking to my guy all wrong. It's the wrong tone. Do it again, I'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron

  • jmac0585

    #8 – Least surprising on the list. He probably didn't even need the whip or the chair.

  • http://man-lair.com Stafferty

    #15 Now all those jokes about me being the milkman's kid make sense

  • mrjimmyos

    Some of these are alright jobs, although I happen to know that the pigeon trap job Orlando Bloom did probably paid really shitty money.

    Also, #23 – He's always been a bit weird, I mean he used to drag a shoe around on a string as a child

  • That Guy

    #15 so that's where the baby boomers came from… thought they all looked alike.

  • GreyGhost9

    #12 more bad ass then previously thought

  • Mr Pinchy

    #4 Hey, nothing wrong with being a carpenter ! I do that on the side and its fun

  • PINKBERRYholdup

    You have to get your hands dirty to achieve something in life

    • Barry

      if what you want to achieve is Dirty Hands than yeah

  • tempest

    #15 now we know where all those jokes about the milkman come from.

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