theCHIVE goes to the Spike Guy’s Choice Awards (25 Photos)

Spike was nice enough to invite the Chivers to the Guy's Choice Awards. The show celebrates testosterone and especially, our troops. Basically, everybody sits at tables staring at miles of eye candy and gets spectacularly wasted. Needless to say, we had the time of our lives. Tune in tonight at 9/8C, hilarity will ensue. Do check out the Jim Carrey video below if you haven't seen it, he really let it fucking rip.

  • KeyserSoze

    #10 I demand that shirt in the chivery. And print enough so that if I don't get there by 9:03, they're not sold out.

  • clark

    *rich hipster douchebag

  • Milk Man

    dude, seriously. stop shopping at goodwill. you look like you live in a homeless shelter for wayward frat boys. time to man up, #10 is just pathetic, loser.

  • That Guy

    is that what your gf says when you pull out your chauncla? "2 inches only? really?"

  • That Guy

    #16 very subtle photo bomb… timed perfectly.

  • skull head

    The Jim Carrey clip was not cool. Shame on the Chive for posting that.

  • Bluto

    After seeinig #1 and #11, the first thing that popped into my mind was: "And I shall call him Mini Me." I am the only one?

    • EveryoneBesides

      i guess. how are things back there in 1999?

  • Apple

    #18 My favorite photobomb ever.

  • Apple

    And holy fuck, Jim Carrey! I loved Colin Firth's reaction.

  • Jeremy

    #25 Fuck Yeah Coast Guard!

  • Tony B

    #9 her stunt double on the set of transformers 3 was waaaayyyyyy hotter than her.

  • Guy

    #11 Is that Blake Griffin?

  • ChrisUKnow

    Shirt now please

  • Ryan

    Hands nervously in pockets in every picture. That's on the same level as hover hands.

  • northerner

    #7, Holey Moley…Whew…
    #8, and what a lovely tush it is…wow.
    #9, and the front ain't too shabby either. Awesome eye candy…

  • fut

    Jim Carey, so not effing cool… being raped is no joke by any standards, especially when it's about kids.

  • Josh

    Thats because our real warriors are currently fighting wars. USMC FTW!


    this is awesome check it out

  • bkfrijoles

    Needs #10 to come on sell

  • Rich

    my favorites from this set were #7 (love scar jo 🙂 & #21 the women seat fillers are hot 🙂

  • Dub

    2nded. he looks like a cross between joe schmo and george w. bush. hawt?

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