Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (26 Photos)

  • workitgirl

    #18 is stunning.

    • orylolol

      Alie Layus, shes on twitter and facebook if you're interested!

    • Chad

      Yes, I agree. She is mesmerizing. Who is she? I really have to know.

    • me2

      chive… get us MOAR of Alie

    • rkessler

      Every mans dream !!!!!!!

  • Brian Khan

    Wonderful way to start a Saturday afternoon

    • Terrance_


  • Jeremy

    #1 I love Kate Upton

    • Tyler

      I'd mary her any day

    • Adam

      She turned 19 yesterday.

  • RutrA

    whos #15?

    • Pål

      Looks like Adriana Lima, but not 100% sure.

    • Brad
    • sam

      NOT SAFE FOR WORK but you will likey.

      • someguy

        thx ! awesome pictures. just wow

      • KyleRetrato

        You can tell what the African men in those photos are thinking from their faces; "MOOOAAAR!!!"

        • its_forge

          More likely they're thinking "Christ what a strange-looking woman, so glad no one here looks like that."

      • its_forge

        I wanna get a summer job with Playboy so I can find the glue they use to stick women's thighs together and hide that shit. ::nod::

    • turn

      Her name is photoshop.

  • Richie Young

    #23 i get sweaty every time i look at her

    • steve

      who is she?

  • Henrik

    #1 She's hot, and she knows it!

  • bling306

    Mac, I wish my internship was as good as yours damnnnnnnnnnnn #23

  • alate

    I'll marry #23 on the spot, anyone know who she is?

    • Felipe Muralha

      Luana Kisner… she works in a TV show here in Brazil

      • alate


      • its_forge

        A Brazilian woman with a terrifically gorgeous butt??!!! How novel and unique!!

  • jetrome

    #12. The best thing about this beach is the view

    • TYLER

      NICE BOOBS!!!

    • ImKennyPowers

      Edit: The best thing about the beach is THIS view.

    • Josh

      Twin peaks!

      • ilovethechive

        And a Bikini Bridge!

  • moondoggy13

    #17 redhead + middle of nowhere + heels = win!

    • Belaruss

      Might out point out another variable to add to your equation.
      There seem to be a GAP present as well.

    • pete

      she needs to eat sumfin'

      • Chris Hood

        Agreed 100% pete. I tire of these Skeletor chicks. 😦

        • Jacksansjill

          Then go somewhere else. im sure there is a BBW site you can creep.

      • Surf and Snow

        Somebody please feed this girl a cheeseburger before she dies from starvation.

      • its_forge

        It's just the pose. When she's not stretching I'm sure her subcutaneous fat layer is quite evident.

    • Anonarama

      I don't have the link but she does a lot of self shots, all on deviantart. Including topless and a few full on nudes. She's smoooookin hot.

  • sean

    who is #4

    • Sir.Render

      Come on someone must know!!!

    • Timmargh

      No idea, but I saw a nippier version of that photo earlier

      • zomg


      • ChazzB

        my friend you deserve a prize for that picture

      • Timmay

        "Nippier." What a great word.

        I'm going to use it in general conversation every day.

    • RGH

      She is simply stunning. She deserves her own post!

    • humptus

      Action Girl Kayla

      your welcome! ;D

      • Snake

        damm dude thank you very very much!!!! =)

  • Terrance_

    I'm just so happy right now. Thank you Mac the Intern for making my Saturday wonderful. Also #4…gotta love a nice side boob every now and then.

    • its_forge

      The view from between is "cleavage;" "side boob" is when you can see them from the arm side.

  • asdasd

    please be as freaky in real life as you are in my imagination, pretty please!!!

    • its_forge

      Naw she's a tax accountant for a hardware store in Des Moines.

  • wow

    #4 MOAR
    If this isn't one of the most beautiful looking specimen I've laid eyes on…

  • Anonymous

    #4 omg find her

  • 13keydet

    #26 soo perfect

    • ThatGuy

      Too young.

    • bull1123

      needs a sandwich…

      • quick care

        or ten

    • Dan

      Russian prostitute. Look up Ivana Fukalot.

    • its_forge

      A bit slim but probably nice to hang around with only because she's (a) probably really pretty and (b) the kind of girl who'd let someone take pictures of her walking around outdoors in panties. Long-term I dunno; I once had a friend who dated one of these slim beautiful sylph types and confided "it's like fucking a bicycle."

      • do it

        you confused #26 with #14. your taste in booty sucks.

        • its_forge

          Naw I like big round booty too but #26 is still lovely. One can like both y'know.

  • nojoke420

    #1 I would wreck that chick like a dirty pirate hooker.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #14 that ass is so redonkulous i bet she can even walk on water with it. do want to bite!

    • Jethro

      Its just so… so…. so… Sweet baby Jeezus I don't even have words for how great that ass is. Believe that is a hard place to get me to. Hump day could be 30 shot of that ass alone and I would develop a "repetative strain injury".

      • biggles


      • Steve Spiro

        Agreed! FIND THIS CHICK!!

        • Guest commenter

          For the love of all things holy, find this chick right now!!

    • Rolo Tomasi

      Bite her in the arse and pray for lockjaw!

  • NO.

    #10. More. More more more MOAR MOAR MOAR

    • ImKennyPowers

      Smile on the right FTW.

    • YES Right?

      Indeed. Agreed. Right for moaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar !

  • Bud Ugly

    #20 – There are so many naughty things I'd do to her…

    • Bob

      She looks really familiar. Who is this girl?

    • Biz

      Looks like Avril Lavigne.

  • slayer

    18 find her!!!!!!

  • Belaruss


  • walkingtheriver

    #25 Susan Coffey

    • Luis Francisco Rodriguez Lugo

      #13 She is so beautiful… its not even fair for the other girls

    • tony

      You just made my week man!!!! i've trying to figure out who the fuck this girl is forever. Thank You Sir!…Or Ma'am!

  • cmonstur

    #12 the angle mmm. And #15 is out of this world gorgeous.

    • cmonstur

      Oops, meant #18 is out of this world gorgeous… #15 is still easy on the eyes though.

  • timbolaki

    #15 Candice Boucher

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