Soooo…. you got wasted (26 Photos)

  • ryan


  • Stevo


    Hope you didn't tip. Tipping is for GOOD service

    • Kyle Bartley

      Tipping is for any service unless it is horrible. Unless you are back and cheap and don't understand social conventions

      • nope

        Steveo is spot on; no it's not! It's a gratuity, not an obligation. Excellent service the tip goes beyond the norm and pitiful service it should be nil or a single pence. Rewarding incompetence and mediocrity simply reinforces the same

        • lowdown

          In most places in the US, servers and bartenders get something around 2 dollars per hour, and tipping is the right thing to do. Even if service is terrible I still tip because I give people the benefit of the doubt. I have been a bartender for many years and I have seen it all. I always provide excellent service and most people tip well……and some don't. It all averages out, but some people just don't get it and they think that you get a normal wage anyway. If you go out, you should be prepared to tip. That being said, if a server/bartender is downright rude then they are stupid and probably shouldn't be compensated for their stupidity, but I believe in tipping karma and those few times I have experienced such service (or lack thereof)I just tipped a minimum. (12ish%) I think some people are just cheap and that is tacky and lame.

          • snowboardstud911

            kudos to you lowdown! 9 times out of 10 anyway whatever was wrong with the service you get isn't the waitress/bartender/delivery guys fault anyway. It could be from a lot of things and that one person shouldn't have to suffer. I work on tips so I know how it goes. Really brings you down when people don't have the decency to tip. But yes if it is just rudeness then by all means don't tip as much. I don't think there is hardly ever a time where at least a little tip isn't deserved.

            • newt

              agree with both of ya… i work in tipping industry as well (poker dealer) and i will never not tip. i will tip less (norm and little less) but there are things that constitute that. if they were just rude then thats one thing, if you mean 'asshole' as in that it took a little longer than normal to get a drink, stop being a stuck up, cheap, prick and throw the guy a few bucks. they live off of tips just like most (not all) places/people that accept tips.
              shame on the chive for condoning this behavior lol

              • KUI

                "they live off of tips just like most (not all) places/people that accept tips."
                In the US. In Europe most waiters/bartenders have a decent wage and don't rely on tips that much.
                Of course, the disadvantage is that we don't get that "fake niceness". I was suprised with how nice every waiter was over there.

          • Just Sayin'

            Here in the UK however, things work pretty differently, so you can probably forgive the opinion of "tip only if good". For us, minimum wages are strongly in place, which favours such jobs and wage-levels. But for the customer, the person serving your drinks is just doing the job they're paid to do.
            Think of it like this, would you tip a teacher every time you leave the classroom?

        • Matt

          Agreed. Kyle Bartley needs to look up the definition of gratuity.

      • JimGrizz

        And a good deal of the time s it is the drinker/drunk that is being the asshole. They are just too 'wasted' to realize it. Thus the theme of this post.

      • jane

        you sound like a waiter

    • Steve

      Tipping isn't a city in China either. (boy meets world anyone?)

      • p.bear

        you answered the secret code. you may enter.

    • Jayson Snell

      I just recently found out that the servers where my Fiance live only make around 3 bucks/hour. I generally always tip unless the service is really bad. However these people need to remember that it IS a gratuity NOT an obligation. If they are going to be rude, or just plain bad at their job maybe they should change careers. On the same note if your server is awesome or goes above and beyond what's normally expected please Tip accordingly, I myself have left tips as much as 50% because they service was awesome;

    • tarbender

      He didn't give a shit if it was balled up as long as it was all there. Probably just chuckled to himself over the dork that left his cash in a wad to spite him…

    • Pwithc

      Reservoir Dogs, anyone?

    • Dingo8MyBaby

      I see this has turned into a Reservoir Dogs-esque debate. Excellent.

    • Thomas Wesley

      sure…you don't have to tip, but the bartenders and the waiters you don't tip remember that shit, and when you come back they know you're an asshole and that you don't tip. so you will get treated the same way because the service industry knows you're not worth anyone's effort. so do the eating establishment, bar or what ever place you don't tip and never come back. Because they hate you and want you to leave as soon as possible.

      • Sil

        Well I work a job that doesn't require a tip so shitty service can SUCK IT. In other words get a regular job butt nuggets.

        • punisher

          This just proves one thing ,Chive is full of bartenders/waiters ,no wonder the shitty comments and general lack of taste.

          • Thomas Wesley

            lack of taste and poor restaurant etiquette is coming from the idiots that are arguing that people shouldn't tip,and feel that they are too good to have common decency.
            stay at home, go to fast food places, or order pick up….,don't waste the servers time with petty reasons why you should not tip. get over yourselves. non-tippers are the cancer here.

            • Jerry

              lack of taste and poor restaurant etiquette is coming from the idiots that are arguing that people shouldn't tip."

              And here I thought it was the shitty server.

              If the service sucks, don't tip. Lets break this archaic stupid social norm of rewarding fucktards.

            • Kim

              You don't tip fast food workers?

              WTF is wrong with you, stupid asshole.

              • Thomas Wesley

                that's the point, Kim. think about it. WTF is wrong with you?
                if it is such an "archaic stupid social norm of rewarding fucktards. " don't go out to eat.
                because that is what is expected.

                • Kim

                  Well I don't do whats expected. I do what makes sense.

                  If you don't like it, get a different job.

                  "See this? This is the worlds smallest violin playing for all the "BUT I EXPECT IT!!" people of the world."

                • Larry

                  Maybe that's the problem. You expect it, and don't feel like you need to earn it.

              • Just Sayin'

                Why would i tip a gormless greasy teenager who clearly hates their job, doesn't want to be there and STILL gets my order wrong?

        • amrith777

          So what you're saying is that the people who do those jobs in which a tip is the norm according to societal convention don't work a "regular" job.A job is a job–with or without gratuity.So you are knocking all the people who do these jobs and if they didn't do them–who would?
          In other words–think of all the jobs you are calling "not regular" because they involve a gratuity of some sort.Once you eliminate those jobs–I guess in YOUR world–you will be planning on staying in and doing a whole lot for yourself.I agree with not tipping for "shitty" service,but there are lots of people who have no choice for whatever reason than to make a living at such a job and at the end of the day–I applaud anyone who earns and does and honest day's work.And nowadays–those jobs you're knocking,most people would kill for–including ME.

    • cha

      Think he just paid his bill and didn't give any tip.

      Mr. Obvious

    • reme

      This is just being a douche. Ever hear about 'managers'? All you probably did was piss this guy off more, ruining service for everyone else the rest of the night. Besides, a lot of places split tips, so you may not have affected his income much- just his demeanor.
      No tip for bad service is acceptable as long as you tip WELL if you get great service. While gratuity isn't an obligation- it should be expected. If you can't afford to tip, stay home with a TV dinner.

      • Hiroki

        That's why places shouldn't hire shitty tenders.

        If you cant do your job, you should be fired. Like every other job, where if you suck, you don't get money.

    • MacFluff

      If you pay like this you're the one who's being the asshole…
      Most of the time it's not even the bartenders fault the service is bad.

      a Bartender

      • Jim

        Are you that asshole bartender that is now butthurt someone didn't give you free money cause you were a jerk?

      • Larry

        It's the other guys fault. Yeah. Not me, I'm just the guy giving you the shitty service.

    • Balorati

      Was the bartender really an asshole? Or was the original customer just a drunken douche who thought he was an asshole? Most likely the latter.

      • Jen

        I cant stand when im on a date or out with anyone for that matter and they think they dont need to tip. obviously they have never worked in the restaurant business. cheap fucks.

    • theeemightybuck

      wow, there are an insane amount of responses for this.
      i am assuming that the majority of responders, like myself, are in the service industry.
      this being said, i have been in a small private italian place, but currently work at a 5 star chain steakhouse (zagat average list price is 70-100 Per head).
      i have seen a lot and only have this to say as far as tipping goes:
      when i sit down, you are automatically getting 19-20%. this number goes up or down depending on how the experience is. i understand the difference between when the server fucks up and blames it on the kitchen, and when it's completely out of the servers hands- tip accordingly- if the server didnt fuck up, tip him/her properly and tell the manager about what went wrong and make sure they know it wasnt the server's fault.

      also on a side note to all servers and diners- if there a "coupon" (, living, etc) servers- be a fucking human being. your attitude towards how cheap you perceive the guest to be is very conspicuous. stop letting it show. and diners- when you use them, tip ON THE ORIGINAL BILL! just because you got a great deal on the food doesn't mean you have to fuck the server.

      the deal is designed to help everyone- but only if the diner acts properly- the server is suppose to make their $, the restaurant gets its exposure, and the guest/customer gets a great experience.

    • TinFoilHatSoldier

      I feel a tip is warranted when regular to great service is performed. If the service is horrible or non-existent then I believe the customer is in the right to not leave a tip. The issue is that the server then has to tip out the other people at the place so they end up actually paying to serve you which is balls for them. But, that is the fault of the owner and the fact that they are cheap, not the customer. It is up to the server to manage expectations of the patron, so I don't buy the whole it probably wasn't their fault argument. All you have to do is tell me that the kitchen is backed up if it is.

      Here's a scenario:
      server drops off your food and does not do a quality check or come back to the table for 10-15 minutes and is no where to be found. You have not been able to enjoy your meal because it was either not what you ordered or not cooked properly. You were not able to address this in an appropriate time and everyone else ate without you. Do you tip?

      Another one for you:
      Steak is over cooked, server attempts to educate you what a medium rare steak looks like and won't take back. Do you tip?

      Final one:
      Your first drink order is taken. You need another round but are unable to find your server prior to your food being served. This repeats itself throughout your meal. Do you tip?

      Personally in all cases I wouldn't.

  • Selby

    #11 I didn't know feedbags had "reverse" switches.


    #17 Light? serious??

  • Anon

    #11 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU … made me lol

    • hey

      it's so classic.

  • BloodScrubber

    Ahh those infamous words spoken shortly afterwards…
    "o God….never.. never ..again…"

    • dfghj

      lmao so true

    • amrith777

      Which doesn't work because the painful consequence comes too long after the reward.Try taking disulfiram (Anabuse) and then see how many drinks you get into your system before you wanna stop.The closer the pain/punishment/negative consequence is to the action/behavior,the more likely you are to not repeat it.
      If this wasn't so–most of us wouldn't exist.We have built-in "forgetters".

  • Dan

    There could be another 1,000 pics of this every Friday and Saturday night. More people need to have cameras and internet access!

  • Kevin

    #23 my kind of girl…
    nice Irish lass with a strong steady hand

    • Terry Burke

      soooo being white and wearing green and drinking = irish?

      • Blake


        • Terry Burke

          got it

    • steve

      When I read your comment, my brain gave it an Irish accent

  • link

    I love all these pics… they're just so …AMERICAN!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #2 oh how nice, they even put a napkin under his head for him to sleep. those are real friends
    #19 surprise double buttsecks! whats not to like?

  • LalaaFace

    I love the fact most of them have green on them or something close, id say half of them are loaded cause its Paddys day!

  • PINKBERRYholdup

    #19 Hipster Sandwich!

  • David Milinovic

    I laughed pretty hard for #19

  • I_am_elf

    Brings back vague memories of last night..

  • CalculatedRisk

    #1 You know when you reach that stage of drunkenness?

    • TheAndychrist

      I see what you did there…

  • trehp


    Coors Light is terrible. Why would anyone be proud of that pic?

    • cmonstur

      Because of the Mountain Dew. Do the Dew.

    • Daniel Patrick Scannell

      Because after the first 7 or 8, does it matter what brand you're drinking?

      • falacer


    • Sgt

      Why buy an assload of 18 packs when you can buy 30 packs?

      • Sgt

        I meant *24 packs not 18 packs

    • Alwx

      I hope they know they sell water in bottles…

  • JDC

    #15. Find her.

    • zero5ed

      no… lets not…..

    • TheAndychrist


    • Guest

      Pretty sure he meant the one on the left….

    • Chivingtill

      I agree – girl's got a nice set of tits, pretty face, and a decent looking ass – challenge accepted?

    • R-Dub

      So predictable. The chive shows a half-way attractive girl, some jerk-off has to say find her.

  • Robert Christopher Shilling

    #17 must have been crazy drunk to buy coors light. why would you do that to yourself

  • Jesse

    Mac, you're awesome.

  • Katelyn Manchak

    This rings a bell. Lost my shirt last night and slept in a trunk cause I lost my key.

    • keepinitreal

      Pix or it didn't happen 🙂

    • riverjns1234567

      your shirts still in my bed babe, got your panties too

  • Paul

    So you pretty much got a keg but paid for it to be in little individual cans? #17

  • ShineyShine

    #21 — Do the Bernie.

  • TheRealJoel

    wasted life..

  • Ryno

    # 8 Where are his legs?

    • Ryno


  • Just Sayin'

    Phew, another wasted album i luckily didn't make it to!
    Successful week after all!

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