Streetfighters to start off your week (28 Pictures)

  • Sean

    I like my bikes like I like my women….naked!

  • Streetfighters to start off your week (28 Pictures) |

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  • Dan

    R.I.P Greencheezeeta !!

  • absolutcarcrazy

    A little help please….what is #10?

    • Alister

      it was a TL1000s. google sully's lanesplitter, should take you to customfighters.

  • ssstoopid

    #27 YES!!!!!

  • Mike

    #5 #12 #22 all look pretty cool. Always beena fan of the Suzuki GS, too. Any modified GS looks cool especially the Katanas. (1000, 1100, 550). The Katana was still going strong in Japan after 30 yrs last I heard.

    Are you familiar with StreetFighters magazine out of the UK?

  • DiveBarKing

    I want me some #13

  • SuperSport

    Number 22 is a Virago

  • Marc


    is awesome!

  • denver's mum

    trucinduc's going to be in the shit with his girl! goin global!

  • chena

    rocket iii……biggest, baddest, bestest…..

  • Arief

    Thanks all!This bird was definitely onzidg – or at least trying to. I fear that there was quite a bit of commotion about him, and there was alot of other (non-birder) activity near him. I got my shots and left.Bob – now that you say that, I totally see the oriental wise man!Nothing particularly special done in post-processing – just the standard cropping, lightening, and a bit of sharpening. These were mostly hand-held in low light conditions so maybe that adds a bit of the softness that you are picking up on!

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