Welcome to hell…BUD/S Navy SEALs training in high-res (27 HQ Photos)

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  • Dude

    Yeah train to kill innocent civilians!

    • thejudymug

      whoa, really?

    • Dan

      You should move to Africa and live there. Within a week, you'd be crying for your mommy and wishing the Seals were there to protect you.

      • HarrySally

        ORLY? Must be hell living in Dubai then. Or South Africa. Or in many other countries. And those places that are bad are so bad even the Navy Seals chicken out.

        Sure, they are amazing things. Just do not forget that they are merely a tool for the politicians to use and abuse.

        • copy and paste

          your mom is a tool to be used and abused.

  • Nicodemus


  • Dan

    You're an idiot. The Japanese systematicaly raped and killed millions in China.

  • Chuck

    Easy to see that some of you have never been in the Milatary. If you are so resdy to condeme us that have, we welcome you to leave this United States and to go to some third world country and you will be begging us to come save your sorry a##.

    • HarrySally

      Not all people live in the USofA. Not all third world countries are at war. Not all people living there need to be saved.

      If you think so, I feel sorry for your ignorance. I also do not condemn the military. I can not condemn a tool. I can have an opinion about those who use the tool and that would be politicians.

  • john

    #19 makes me panic just looking at it. can not imagine how much dedication and discipline these guys have. thank you for everything you do.

  • Jen

    im reading Howard Wasdin's memoir called SEAL Team Six. Fucking insanity the training that they do.

    • That Guy

      great gift for father's day. thanks for the line.

  • That Guy

    #27 awesome awesome awesome pic and note.

  • wruce brayne

    i have read a lot of negative things on this page. it seems unnecessary and that is only my opinion. I would say that soldiers are definitely used inappropriately at times, but a soldier is not a "tool" in it's slang term. many of these men dedicate their life to a higher purpose and it absolutely has its unsavory parts. what i detect in some of the negative statements is insensitivity and perhaps a little bit of anger of a personal nature. perhaps a marine was a huge dick to you and this is your way to vent. maybe you have an abusive father that was a marine, or maybe a ditsy girl you became infatuated with rejected you in favor of a marine. i get it.

    and yes, marines can be dicks. let the military tell you your worthless for weeks, drown you, punish and torture you and get rebuilt and rewired to ignore pain or anguish, to control fear and focus just so some asshole on the internet can call you a civilian killer. you, yes you reader or whoever, would be a dick to. doesn't excuse it but it does make sense.

    i myself was excluded from the military due to health issues. some times i wish i had gotten in and survived it and just so i could be a dick to some sniveling weakling for no other reason than to know that he doesn't understand, that even if i punch his face or steal his girl or make him feel stupid, that i did something for him and he can never repay me.

    also, killing civilians? if you don't like the marines or military in general, they can just pull out and you can start a peaceful mission and set up foreign relations and educate them about our culture and so on and such until communication breakdown and they steal all your shit and murder you, rape you wife and kids and mail tapes to the government. because that shit has happened before. if you want to criticize, at least figure out a better way before opening up your ridiculous mouth because the way of the world is paved with blood and bullets and currency. why don't you fix that shit asshole, then tell soldiers they are tools.

    enjoy your internet priviledges, blasting people that are doing more than you ever have or will for a stranger. just remember that every keystroke is made possible because a complete stranger died for you to do it.

    • Airwalktdk

      to long. did not read.

      • Martin Grandstaff

        If you don't have the patience to read, then shut up please. Get a larger attention span.
        I 100% agree with Wruce up there. Those who made the choice to protect our country, no matter what, deserve our utmost respect. Even as a civilian, I understand that the military does more to protect our freedom than picket signs held by people whiny enough to complain, but too lazy to do anything about it will ever do in their existence. They protect their right to be whiny, lazy jerks.

        • aSOB

          too long. did not read.

          • Don'tCareForYourKind

            You are another One that should Vacate the Premises,I am very thankful for All those who serve now and All Veterans have done for me!

  • Sam C

    Yes exactly … I mean, really? You scroll through 30 pictures of kids being patriotic, taking the love of their country as far as it can possibly go, and then you talk shi* about their country? Peon brains like you are hilarious.

    The best part is, its pretty undeniable that Seals are the top forces in the world. And thats what this page is dedicated to. Yet you bring some retarded political angle to it?

  • to-be SEAL

    Appreciate all that you guys do. Hope to join you in a few years. Everyone one with the negative comments, just quit it and take your sorry lives somewhere else.

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