• joe


    • ddfred


  • ACE

    PAULA IS A 2 bit trollop

  • joocifer

    If only advertising wasnt false

  • xxs

    how about the Heat?

    • cannuck

      and the Bruins for that matter!

  • walkingtheriver

    Need to find a song with faster pace ^_^

  • 1sicGSXR

    Just wow. That's awesome.

  • Oasis

    Best set of hooters, ever.

    • MrRushing

      i thought your moms held the title? BAM!

  • joocifer

    i wish i lived in a world where there wasnt false advertising so i could by my girlfriend those headphones :p

    • Dan

      First you would need to have a girlfriend….

      • Markee

        Dan has obviously been rejected several times. Im sure the "Cat" gitl is still available.

    • Graham

      Hold on, wait a second… There were headphones in that video?

  • Luis Aguirre

    What the hell was I going to say here??…..*hits play button again….and again*

  • Tom

    Sorry but that was stupid as it gets.

    • Dan

      Then you obviously haven't seen the cone-ing video….

    • 4everDistracted

      I have some bad news for you Tom……

    • Markee

      Tom I belive the sight your looking for is called "The Berry"

      • Markee

        or site

    • its_forge

      Seconded. What a dumb fucking ad. I'm supposed to be titillated by this goofy shit? I'm supposed to run out and buy these headphones because they made some chick's boobs come to life?

      • SouthPark

        "It's called being a cynical asshole"

    • F-oo

      Reminded me of a Fembot for some reason.

  • echogeo

    Chive, find her please and make some wonderfully hypnotic, mesmerizing gifs please!

    • mxwtt

      Her name's Milana Dadamjana.

  • junior

    makes for awkard dinner conversation with little suzy and johnny, and with grandma too for that matter when this thing comes on. Not to be a douche, but come on not only 20 year old horn dog frat boys watch tv.

    • duh

      I'm guessing those who would be offended by something like this would be busy watching the 700 club anyway.

      • junior

        no your wrong douche bag… go away little boy

        • duh

          No YOU'RE wrong. If this really bothers you, just keep the tv turned off because there is a hell of a lot worse than this that will get your panties in a knot. I like how you call me the "little boy" yet you're the one that can't handle covered breasts bouncing around on tv. Also…wow, name calling? A sure sign of maturity. Good luck in life with that over sensitivity junior.

          • its_forge

            It's crap, man. It's like Victoria's Secret selling women's underwear by trotting bonyass supermodels all over the TV screen every commercial break. Yeah, every woman in the world with fifty or eighty bucks to spend on underpants is going to rush right out and buy theirs because some skinny 20-year-old shook her tiny butt on the screen for 30 seconds. That's just fricking stupid, and so is this.

            • ExistentialBanana

              What kind of world do we live in when people don't like boobies?

              • its_forge

                I love boobies, I just think boobies becoming capable of independent movement because of a set of headphones is fecking stupid as shit.

  • Kiro

    I have no need of headphones…yet I have an urge to go and by 10 of these

  • dalexmu

    whats this false advertising & fake talk nonsense… i mean it could happen

  • newscot

    Should’ve posted this on Things That Bouce Thursday.

  • markwinters10

    who is she is the real question!

    • ray

      Milana Dadamjana. She is a 21 year old model based out of Los Angeles

  • Matthew Soucy

    if you noticed headphones youre game

  • OwnerOfYou

    Everyone keeps mentioning headphones… WTF?!

  • Keith R

    it was good scenery however that gay ass music has got to go from the planet forever….ROCK ON !

  • ZombieBootParty


  • Doug

    Find her!

  • weronika

    my sexy photo 🙂 –

  • Coldzilla

    OK Ive been lookin for some headphones that wont fall out but Im not sure I have the boobs for that =/

  • Kaars

    I bought a pair…. waited 25 minutes or so, and bought another…. What are we talking about again?

  • CrazyAzn89

    That doesn't really happen. That's false advertising!

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