• Mike R

    Milana Dadamjana is the babes name.

  • Amber Cross


  • jacques

    anyone know the name of the song?

    • jacques gay lover


      • johnnnny

        but i second that motion! want that song!

        • jacques

          Donny Rizzo- make you famous
          found it after a lot of googling

  • BloodScrubber

    Titillating advertising is….titillating. Just sayin…

  • ExistentialBanana


  • Awesome Headphone Commercial | SNEAKHYPE

    […] Zipp Earz blog comments powered by Disqus […]

  • JAS

    I'm sold. Now what did I just buy?

  • Sam Smouse Belvie

    Gotta love how sleazy us men are!

  • its_forge

    Yes, every time I pass the store in the mall it's swarming with men. Please!

  • liberty bishop

    that was gross.

  • Giggidy_Guy


  • faemike55

    Had to watch it several times

  • Bob

    That song was terrible.

  • Bette

    I paid $32.67 for a XBOX 360 and my mom got a 17 inch Toshiba laptop for $94.83 being delivered to our house tomorrow by FedEX. I will never again pay expensive retail prices at stores. I even sold a 46 inch HDTV to my boss for $650 and it only cost me $52.78 to get. Here is the website we using to get all this stuff, CentBuzz. Com.

  • Anhtuan

    Gotta love that bass

  • unfortune

    another broken link

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