• cfiems

    that's the dumbest thing i've ever seen

    • Chivingtill

      Dumb maybe – but funny nonetheless…

    • That Guy

      so flipping dumb. i had a laugh when he put it on like war paint.

      • Hand of Fate

        Really dumb, but the war paint part was at least kind of funny.

        The funny part isn't doing it though, the funny part is "Who the fuck would actually go around doing that?"

      • ssstoopid

        That's the only part I found funny as well. I might actually do that one. I just like to see the look on people's faces when something makes no sense and isn't supposed to.

    • busted

      Apparently you haven't seen planking, then.

  • 1st?


    • steve


    • homer j

      first to fail.

  • FionnR

    I kinda liked it the first time, but by the 13th time I think we get it : / …

  • crazycyberbully

    At first I thought this looked really stupid, then I saw the end and now i can't stop laughing

    • SteveySteveSteve

      Glad I scrolled down to the comments and saw yours. Never would've seen the ending.

      • Flac_Vest

        Same here. I actually think i'm going to get some ice cream from McDonalds on the way to the movies tonight.

    • grantoj

      yeah–the ending was worth it. the rest was just an annoying buildup you have to watch to enjoy it.

    • opat


      • kevin w


  • Kiwi

    The first two chicks were fineeee

    • Ryan

      And the guy, what a hunk

  • method_man

    yeah this was pretty pointless.

  • Natureboy

    this is about as cool as a guy wearing a jersey.

    • JustaDick

      or camouflage pattern.

  • Justin Barbour

    This is why everyone hates Europeans….

    • AustraliaF***YEAH!!!

      Learn some geography they were all Australian

    • Jimbo

      This is why Americans need better schools

      • Tomas Larence Calvillo

        We do indeed need better schools….

    • embry_joe

      This is why everyone hates retards.

    • Monk

      As a fellow American (I assume) SHUT THE FUCK UP. It's retards like you that give the rest of the country a bad name.

  • Marc

    I happen to think it was pretty funny.

    • Jen

      me too, marc

  • Richard

    Its Aussie Buddy!! Fuck Yeah!!!

  • orylolol

    that's fucking retarded, he makes me embarrassed to be Australian.

    • Chivingtill

      You should be embarrassed anyhow criminal!

      • dave

        wow, how original.

  • Sal

    Sorry Chive. You guessed wrong

  • Nani

    That was fuckin hilarious!! For everyone on here, there are 20 other people laughing… Or at least I hope I'm not the only one….

  • davey


  • Chubby

    Get a life

  • notinterested


  • thsbde

    lol @ 1:30

  • Catbra

    I heard speedbumping is all the rage. All those plankers should take it up. Lie flat on a main road and remain emotionless when a car goes over the top of you, even if your bones are being broken. The busier that road, the more we'll be impressed!

  • Kcruz09

    The last one was actually pretty funny

  • Pani Booyah

    Well that was funny for about 10 seconds

  • youknowitstrue

    This is internet old.

  • Gay

    Really gay.
    Liberace gay.

    Major contribution to global lameing.

  • saltygary

    HE's trying way to hard… The last one was pretty funny but not worth watching it to get to that point.

  • Can Öktem

    Not funny.

  • sebastianbleach


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