Man recreates Iron Man MKI armor and strolls into work (17 Photos)

A few days ago a 25 year old Chinese man in Shanghai named Wang Kang became famous online after making his own Iron Man MK I armor as seen in the first Iron Man movie…he then proceeded to bring it in to the office. I can only imagine what I’d think if that was the first thing I saw strolling through theCHIVE offices in the morning.


  • Randy Marsh

    #17, awesome

    • tico

      14 is very chivish… sneeky cat…

  • mipo2010

    OK hotshot, now make it fly.

    • Glitched

      He just needs to strap a few rockets to that and to hope he doesn't die when he crashes to the earth from several hundred feet in the air.

  • frank

    No Women = Above

    • r@f

      yeah, said the guy with no talent. this creation can get some serios cosplay ass you moron. go play call of duty.

    • HUH?

      hmm, what to do today. make nerd suit or try to get laid………

      • Ninjack

        Trick question! Do Both.

  • tits_mcgee_

    gotta keep an eye on those koreans!

    • Steveystevesteve

      Shanghai… now in Korea


        smh he didnt mean shanghai was in korea..learn to read critically

        • Alex

          smh, he was being sarcastic… learn to read at a level of at least a 2nd grader

    • CrazyAzn89

      It says he's from Shanghai not Korea

  • foxk56

    Nicely done!

  • harry

    work? don't you mean high school? haha

  • Skips Entire Post

    Just to comment on what has not been seen.

  • mattythegooch

    That is 4'8" of whoop ass right there!!!

    • Your Mom's Dog


      (Raugh Out Roud)

  • Meah

    That's one awesome dude. Imagine everyone being so imaginative, the world would be a better place

    • acrilic_abyss

      ya because super villains dont have imagination… the world could be worse you know..

  • DirtyArmySpecialist

    forever alone…

  • newscot

    We are so going to be invaded by Chinese Iron Men. It's inevitable now.

    • JCC

      i for one welcome our cool new Iron men overlords.

  • xxs


  • Taze

    If you guys want to see something MORE impressive, you should check this out:

  • Big Red

    That's Kangsta

  • MrRushing

    #5 like a boss

  • Gary

    the truth is…[NeverEndingPause]… Thats not iron man.

    • Cass

      LOL yeah, maybe it looks a little bit like Ironman. I was wondering if he ever did his job at that day as he strolls at the office.

  • akajako

    Great, just great, there goes my First Place at the next cosplay convention.


  • Terry Burke

    would have been cooler if it did all the same cool stuff and was actually metal

  • blam

    #13 forever alone?

  • crazydog

    make him stand outside for an hour

  • Steve-Hole

    Herro! I am I-won Man!

  • Althing

    Wow, look what you can accomplish when you have absolutely no hope in ever scoring with a real woman.

  • Mookie

    How much do you want for it…? (seriously) i want it… if it fits

  • Josh Gorter

    #5 I would like my raise now.

  • Federico Schulzen


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