Man recreates Iron Man MKI armor and strolls into work (17 Photos)

A few days ago a 25 year old Chinese man in Shanghai named Wang Kang became famous online after making his own Iron Man MK I armor as seen in the first Iron Man movie…he then proceeded to bring it in to the office. I can only imagine what I’d think if that was the first thing I saw strolling through theCHIVE offices in the morning.


  • chong

    #10 look at bottom left picture at his right hand lol

  • jane doe

    now if china can make something of their own without copying others, then we will be fucked.

  • D-bag A-hole

    really? foam rubber? really Wang?
    I hate to sound like a douche bag, bit I'm not very impressed. I'm sure he put a lot of money and work into it, but I don't see the point of spending so much time and money, and not making it out of steel with pneumatic actuators.

    • amrith777

      Perhaps it would have made it hard/impossible to walk in.I don't know but it seems that he was making it for cosplay,and if that's true–then having it actually BE metal would not have served HIS specific purposes.
      This next part is not directed specifically to the above poster–but to all the men here who seem to think this man has no life with the ladies.Maybe he doesn't.Some geek jokes are funny and I admit I laugh at them–but I also am somewhat of a closet geek.I am female.There are all kinds of talents and all kinds of ladies to be impressed by different attributes.Everybody has their own unique 'currency' and I'd like to think that there is at least a few people who,in turn,are interested in that 'currency'.
      Some people think that having the most deft skills on video games and stuff like Guitar Hero is awesome and some people build things that others think quite cool.
      I am betting that quite a few people that frequent The Chive also watch "Deadlist Catch".If so–they probably are familiar with the late Captain Phil Harris,may he rest in peace.I am a lesbian and always found him attractive on several levels–but never so attractive as the day I watched a candid BTS bit with his love of building fancy birdhouses–with all the trimmings.
      On that day–ol' Phil mighta turned me!! 😉

  • Davion

    it didn't look like much of it was metal and the metal I did see wasn't iron. more like aluminum man

  • Rick

    Did the eye holes really need to be that wide?

  • Chiver

    Functions: None

    *Slow clap*

  • unknown

    nice suit but damn are you ever a GEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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