Thank God Navy Seals are on our team (25 HQ photos)

  • Airman

    I still prefer the Israeli commandos,סיירת מתכ"ל /סיירת (Sayeret/Sayeret Matkal)

    • Rangerdanger

      Israeli commandos are some tough mofos, I definitely would not want to tangle with them. Then again I wouldn't want to fuck with the seals, recon, green berets, SAS, Spetznaz, or any other organized, well trained group of elite soldiers.

  • echogeo

    You are dead and you never even knew he was there.

  • Conor

    You may have the Seals, but you dont have these guys!

    • Caleb Marshall

      if its not American soldiers it dont fuckin matter

  • Hooleyman

    If you think they're on "our" team…think again. They are paid bitches that do the bidding of the highest corrupt bidder. Teams that shoot "unarmed" men (no matter how allegedly notorious) have no honor! It's always easy to shoot an unarmed man/woman. Navy Seal Teams are cowardly shits in my book. If you dont like it, that's OK, sent a Seal Team after me.

    • Joe

      Idiot. Nice to live in a country where you can run you mouth without fear of reprisal eh? In fact, the soldiers you belittle are the reason you are so free to be so ignorant. And no one is coming after you, I’d be surprised if you could find a SEAL who gives a crap about you opinion of him.

      • Hooleyman

        Fuck them and well you already know about you. Seals are DISHONORABLE men, PERIOD oh and, pussies, havent met one that wasn't …. SQUIDS ON STEROIDS, thats all.

        • hooleyman is a clown

          fucking cunt, I wish you would've lost your entire family in the towers on 9/11, then maybe you'd learn some fucking respect…although you're probably one of those assholes that think Bush brought down the towers so then that would just fuel your pathetic anti american rage…GTFO faggot

          • av8or21

            wow. you're an asshole. that is all.

        • American

          Bitch. I dare you to try and accomplish 3 days of training. Ill bet my life savings you don't have the balls to say any of that to one if their faces.

    • Big_Shadow

      I have to agree with Joe. I can only assume you are speaking of the Bin Laden take down. The fact is none of us were there, and none of us know what really happened. Those SEALs were going into hostile territory and my guess is they gave him a chance to surrender. When he did not immediatly comply he was shot dead. The same would have been done with anyone else in the house. There is no way the SEALs could have known if he was going to go for a weapon. It is people like you that upset me to no end. I realize you have the right to your opinion too, but remember that you have that right because of the poeple in the armed services that sacrafice so much for so little. My guess is that you have never sacrificed a thing in your life for someone you didn't know and will never meet. If you don't like it here than move to Afganistan, Pakistan, Syria, North Korea, Iran, or any other myriad of countries where you would be hunted down and tourtured for saying something like what you just posted.

      • Hooleyman

        I've given plenty son. Sacrifice???? I passed that a long time ago with a father and a son. So when I say they are cowards and pussies I say that with self confidence and back-up. They are dishonorable men and I piss on them and the graves of their comrades. I don't hide behind my words…my words are well known to those around me; they can snitch me off at any time – yet I dont hide. With regard to your comment about Bin Laden, glad to see you bought the corporate government story…ppl like you are too easy to persuade, Hooray America (cough cough)

        • Kyle Bartley

          The truth is, they don't "snatch you up" because you are pathetic and unimportant and no one cares what you say. You sound like a sad, broken old man.

  • Nicodemus


  • SantiGE

    I usually hate all kind of militarist sh*t, but this is awesome.

  • The Bandit

    #2 …good gun, used the same when I was in the army in my country…still have it

    • Stevo

      weren't you supposed to give it back?

      • The Bandit

        No, in my country you can keep your gun / rifle for a small price (only costed me 30 bucks), if you apply for a gun licence first. So, after my "retirement" I bought it…

  • Logan

    From someone who knows.. 65% of these pictures aren't even Seals. But what do you expect from the Chive.

  • Jessica Condrey

    #12 Ghillie in the Mist = "He just got Gallagher'd"

  • Trez

    #4 "One cannot simply walk into Mordor…..oh…. wait. Apart from these guys, one cannot simply walk into Mordor"

  • Bob


  • Adam

    #21 and #24 PT at 0500 gotta love it, there are times when REVEILLE goes off and you just can't believe it.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck yea!

  • Tom

    Title of the post is amost 100%. Skip the god thing and thank them.


    americans deserve to see a dead bin laden picture……………..FU OBAMA!

  • kity

    America Exceptionalism – n. the belief that having the world's greatest military will make everyone forget you have the 37th best health care system.

  • mtm

    Egyptian seal team:

  • moeshere Foxdale

    bad mother fuckers….

  • Kyle Bartley

    Ok, this has been said several times, but I will say it once so others don't have to. The Navy trains seals on many types of weapons. Cause Lord knows you would never find an AK-47 or AK-74 in the areas of the world where seals operate right? Also, that guy is a well known seal. Think before you post, or better yet, keep the posts to things you know about.

    • Kyle Bartley

      PS, special forces can have facial hair, again, not saying you are stupid, you just don't know what you are talking about in this particular situation.

  • Jesse Custer

    Blame military intelligence for that. Intel indicated she was not there.

    I'm sure the SEALs' objective was to kill her. Fucktard.

    Also, learn to spell. To quote the immortal Dennis Farina, "I thought this country spawned the fucking language, and so far nobody seems to speak it."

  • Vegeta

    with the exception of #12 and #14 all of their guns suck major monkey balls

    • peter

      thats because some are not real…. they are rubber shapes that are used when you are training for OTBs ( over the beach ) or other tactics in salt water so you dont fuck up your good shit during training.

  • Clegg

    lone survivor by marcus luttrell, everybody read it. now.

  • Doc

    Yea, while "special forces can have facial hair" is probably not the best way to put it, it is grown out in certain situations. When stateside, underway, in dress uniforms, etc… The SEALS have to follow Navy Uniform Regulations, including grooming. When deployed to certain areas of the world, they, like all spec ops, grow out their facial hair to help blend in with the locals. It doesn't always work: My old Master Chief had a huge red beard when he was in the sandbox, stuck out for obvious reasons. SEALS are also known to have crappy uniforms anyways (worst pair of dress blues i ever saw were on a SEAL). The current LCDR i work with came from DEVGRU, he said "no one cares about the uniform, it's the job performance that counts."

  • Doc

    I love when people say that one unit is "tougher" than another unit. It's like a disclaimer letting us all know that you have no idea what you're saying.

  • Skriblez

    To bad they got their ass handed to them by the Norwegian special forces…

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