Thank God Navy Seals are on our team (25 HQ photos)

  • rossy

    SAS would kick your ass

    • farrah

      We dont pay them, when you actually think about what they put on the line you ignorant dumb ass. There is no way we could afford to pay even one SEAL, if we paid them what they are worth. They pay us, pay us with our freedom and our lives…hence their slogan “people are able to rest peacefully at night, only because tough men stand stand ready to do violence on their behalf”. Lets see you look at your family and say I dont know when I will be back, No I dont know if I can call and I know me being home 30 days out of 365 days a year is tough on everyone. You do any of that, then, you earn the right to make whatever comment your stupid self feels the need to say!!!

  • Sean Yamazaki

    Nazi SS soldiers by another name and stuffed into a different uniform.

    Precisely why are we paying for these adrenaline junkies to drag tires and looked pissed off?

    • Matt

      Sean they pay them to protect your fat lazy ass from threats you don’t even know exist. They put their lives on the line so that you can sleep peacefully at night. And by the way they drag tires behind them to condition their legs so when shit hits the fan they have are in the beat shape they can be in so they stand the beat chance of survival. So smarten up!

  • DougUSMC

    Gee sean. Maybe because they rid the earth of people like Osama. You stupid prick.

  • slydecheck

    Somewhere standing a post defending with there life you right to say stupid crap like you just did must not be important to you so…… stfu moron

  • Munk85


  • Master beesknees

    No one I mean no one could beat a seal team there to unstopable! Ask my dad he’s a retierd seal!

  • brinn

    Why do we pay them? To protect your sorry ass whether you know it or not.

  • Anonymous

    All the stupid ass wipes that post negative comments…..go to hell you sorry ass pricks!!! These men is the reason you have freedom!!!

  • Snake eyes

    All the stupid ass wipes that post negative comments…..go to hell you sorry ass pricks!!! These men is the reason you have freedom!!!

  • Geo

    I think "Leo" wants to be fucked in the arse by a "Navy Seal"

  • ilovemesomesugar

    I god damn love the god damn navy seals god damn it!

  • Jake

    The haters are just trolling. America rocks, SEALs are the tip of America’s spear. Only easy day was yesterday.

  • Jboarder37

    Lone Survivor is a book every American should read.

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  • Texasdude



    no disrespect to the seals but only the navy would land on a rocky beach in broad daylight wearing straight black… GO ARMY!!!

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