Behind closed doors: Rare vintage celeb photos (24 photos)

  • isawoj

    Leo, you want to try and post this again?

  • Nate

    Someone fucked up

  • ilovethechive

    #16 ? The one that doesnt belong?

    • Catence

      A behind closed door look at Teenage mutant ninja turtles?

    • Brand_n

      #10 I'd say the Blink 182 one belongs less than that one.

      • JD Marsh

        agree'd…i don't wanna live in a world that has Blink 182 seen as "rare vintage celebs"

  • bettingonthecubs

    #22 one of these things is not like the other

    • V4Vendetta14

      Great episode…though I think they had that argument a lot.

  • Henrik

    #17 Damn… Her mom is kind of hot.

    • snoobs89

      kind of? she's a fox!

    • Pedobear

      Lookin' Good Angelina…. Lookin' Good.

    • krusherX

      The resemblance with her mother is uncanny!

  • Catence

    #5 #18 – love elvis.

  • bman

    *Opens front page*
    *opens new tab*
    *Scrolls down*

    *Scrolls down*

    *Scrolls down*
    *Scrolls down*

    "the fuck?"

    • @MrChAndy

      Oh good, I wasn't the only one

  • Mr_Rob

    #18 Elvis dad looks like Sean Penn…

    • Jak

      No, he looks like the fat kid from the Sandlot

  • plop

    anyone else refreshed the homepage a couple of times?

  • snoobs89

    #6 i didnt realise how freakishly big his feet are.

    • dub

      His hands were giant too… for a white guy.

    • Guest commenter

      G*d dammit! So that's the secret behind the Moonwalk!

      • thebigdeac

        My thoughts exactly. Big feet. Then, later on, he was talking to Freddy M. That was awesome.

    • zoomum3

      that was the first thing I thought when I saw this picture too!!

    • Spank the monkey

      Hell, I didnt realize he was black

      • snoobs89

        you sir, you just blew my mind. that comment just upped the bar for comedy right there. bravo

  • snoobs89

    you sir, you just upped the bar.

  • Matthew Dj-Diesel Baron

    #16 Awesome this was my whole childhood

  • dalexmu


  • KeyserSoze

    #21 Not only is he one of the funniest and creepiest guys in the biz, that dude can dance.

    • amrith777

      Yes he can!! I have always loved CW and even though he has odd looks–there's still something I find attractive about him.If you have never seen the movie "Brainstorm" starring him and Natalie Wood–do yourself a favor and watch it.Not only is a great movie–but it was the last movie Natalie Wood made as she died mysteriously while on a yacht at a Hollywood party and to this day I don't think they ever solved what happened.Anyway–it just adds to the mystique because of part of the movie's plot and they had to finish the movie without her and edit it around her being gone,much like what happened when Jason Lee died mysteriously while making The Crow.
      CW started out as a dancer on Broadway if I remember correctly.

      • Jim

        Walken and Wood and her husband were on Woods boat in Catalina Ca where they went to dinner and got shit faced. Rumor has it that she went to bed and went outside because the dingy ,or what ever you call it, kept slamming into the boat so as she tried to tie it better she fell in and drowned..

        • amrith777

          Well–I guess I wasn't clear enough,my apology.I have read that info in the past–but I guess my point is the “rumor has it” part.I know she was drinking and I know she drowned–but I don't remember there being any definitive,case-closed answers.Thank you for your reply.Sad no matter what happened….

    • bubblerider86

      check out "Puss in Boots" not only does he dance, he sings too….it's a crazy ass movie so watch at your own risk…..

    • bigdeal

      i never knew but he was a little piece of ass wasnt he? id bang his crazy ass

    • Brendan

      your father's watch

    • Shogun

      thumbs up if i'm a raging gayaholic but i never knew Walken was an attractive ladies man before he started running new york. I'd do him.

      • amrith777

        I thumbed you up cuz I'm a lesbian and *I'D* do him if I was single!!

    • myragehush

      He was a trained dancer before he went into acting, I believe.

  • Hand of Fate

    #1 How cute. I have a feeling that guy is gonna be a great Dad and stable presence for his daughter for a long time.

    Don't thumbs down me, I'm only kidding! Hey, maybe the kitten was like a consolation prize.

    Okay, I'm going to Hell.

    • Chim Richels

      No need to thumbs down. He was a fucking idiot that killed himself. Sorry. Dude was the top rock star on the planet and had a baby and crackhead wife to consider. Instead he played the all too cliched 'tortured artist' role and blew his brains out.

      It's not a tragedy. It's a fucking coward leaving his baby girl without giving her the opportunity to know her family. Money and fame that would have lasted for three lifetimes and he simply 'couldn't cope'. Yawn.

      And then Tupac (and of course Biggie) – 'tragedy'. No, you were drug dealers and gang bangers. That's what happens to drug dealers and gang bangers. They go to jail or they get shot. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

      • hMMMM

        pretty sure you're BOTH going to hell. How can you be so nonchalant regarding death? It's ALWAYS a tragedy, not always for the deceased, but the ones around him/her. DICK.

        • Greame Reepher

          Death is not a tragedy, it's a fact.

        • Hand of Fate

          It didn't sound like he was being nonchalant regarding death. He said it wasn't a tragedy for Kurt essentially, but was one for his daughter.

          It was, after all, self inflicted. Sure, it's sad, but ya know what? I have kids and no matter how depressed or tormented I felt, having actually been through depression once when I was younger, I can tell you I'd never do something like that because I'd put aside my own issues for my family every single time.

      • geez

        Tupac was neither a Gang Member or a Drug Dealer..

    • cincy o

      Wait til you meet the mother!!!

    • amrith777

      So–to all you naysayers trashing Cobain..I have this to say.In some respects based on what you THINK you know–maybe you'd be right.However–I challenge you to read both books by the security guard hired to FIND Cobain–and then make a decision based on the evidence.The first book is entitled "Who Killed Kurt Cobain" and it pretty much not only utterly refutes the possibilty that Kurt killed himself–but also contains a plethora of damning evidence against his wife and the police working the case.Many people close to Cobain gave testimony to how Francis Bean changed him and this picture speaks VOLUMES.
      And for all the people saying that she's better off without him–have any of you HEARD of Courtney Love and what a tramp and addict she was for many years and is STILL anything BUT a stable parent or role model??

      • theGovtDidIt

        I like people who write about the conspiracies surrounding celebrity deaths. The world is packed with idiots who pay for that shit. It's like making money off of the "pull my finger" line… Funny money is the best.

        • Ollie Stoned

          Written by Oliver Stone

  • Jabroni

    #19 I'd tap that

  • oX_Animal_Xo

    #22 will live forever. A well made never-ending GIF!

  • mattythegooch

    #11 – LJBP!!

  • Larry

    #15 – Who the fuck is that loser?

    • matt

      that my friend is one of the greatest contributions to music the world has ever seen or heard

      • Larry

        Someone should shoot him.

      • Bert

        Even greater than Christina Aguilera? I don't believe it.

  • bling306

    #24 Johnny Depp using an iron to make grilled cheese? damn

    • bob151

      On the set of "Benny & Joon." I'm sad that I know that. …stupid ex- girlfriend.

  • Corey

    #10 such a good fucking band

    • knowlton

      who is this?

  • V4Vendetta14

    Hanoi Jane? I would kick her in the cunt for naively being a pawn of the North Vietnamese government while guys like John McCain were being brutally tortured.

    • dub

      Naivety is much more widespread today than it was back then.

      I, like John McCain, was tortured too. If I say it, it makes it true, right?

    • McBeastie

      I didn't watch my buddies die face down in the muck…..

      Oh wait, I wasn't born yet and neither were you and you have no frame of reference. Shut the fuck up Donny!

  • gtmaestro

    #9 greatest rock band of all time

    • dOOb


    • Gern Blanston

      Cool pic, not exactly rare.

    • It's True Look It Up

      All they had to do was steal all their hits and not give anyone any credit, then BAM! LEGENDS!

      • TitoRigatoni

        They made more than the first two albums, assmunch.

  • Boss Hog

    #23 – Freddy is packing a mule!

    • Rocks Off

      Keith Richards in the background partly in shadow?

  • Sean Holden

    #24 is from Benny and Joon.

    • amrith777

      Great movie!! Depp and Masterson FTW!!

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