Daily Afternoon Randomness (45 Photos)

  • techrob@gmail.com

    #^ Is it road kill if it’s inside?

  • girth ramrod

    Ah, that's the second to last check on my bucket list. All that's left: holy trinity with the kardashian sisters. Destiny beckons me; later, losers.

    • Monk

      Even the ugly one?

    • Firefighter23

      Dude one of them is a man! Also your login name screams; Hey everybody I'm a huge douche!

      • Lame

        It wasn't the "Destiny beckons me; later, losers" part? Cause that got me

  • Random

    DAR is late :/ Must ride bike into the sea #1

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    #45 Great end to a day

    • Jason


    • Monk

      I like everything about this picture.

    • equalizermax

      FIND HER!

      • HoratioBoobles

        Emma glover, as some nice guy said further along

        • Alister

          THANK YOU SIR. may all your beers be cold and your women be mega babes.

      • llano2

        She is in Bora Bora

        • Fabio

          I love that place for this reason (also)

    • ilovethechive


    • jetrome

      She should wave at us with both hands

    • MOAR_dude


      • Indeed

        The name, comment and avatar combination is a resounding win.

    • Poulet

      moustache !

    • tom a

      throw another beer at her.

      • gamerone

        she´s trinking salitos this is a great beermix…

    • Sid

      Jeeeezus christ

    • Graham

      To the girl in this picture.. Thank you for this! Also thank you to that beer in your hand and however many others it took for you to take this

    • Guns Up

      What are those gigantic sunglasses hiding? I can't stand that trend.

      • Username Taken

        Sperm Deflectors!!! Just in Case

    • JFrost

      Hang on, your arm was in the way; let's take that picture again…

    • Jon

      Absolutely Amazing

    • Allen

      MOAR Please

    • http://www.facebook.com/chad.vanzyl Chad Van Zyl


    • jay

      MOAR PLEASE!!! God bless the One Armed Dual Boob Cover…. I'd definitely follow this trend!!!


    #34 mother-fn trollface….

    • The Carrot


      • http://www.facebook.com/ambercross421989 Amber Cross

        U mad?

  • Tim

    #20, If your boyfriend is moving on, my name is Tim, and it's very nice to meecha

    • ROK247

      these never work. i assume he is well aware of what he will be missing. most likely, he thinks you are crazy. that being said, you are really hot and good luck in your future relationships!

      • I'll 69 Ya

        Agreed. It is obvious she is unstable and insecure. Where is her self worth that she needs to beg an on-line community to get her boyfriend to stay with her. This is either bullshit or sad and pathetic. Either way, I would bone her.

        • Hich

          Who said she's begging? It's either a sound argument, or it's revenge.

    • equalizermax

      Tell your Boy Friend I took those pictures this morning

    • physioboy

      And if Tim is worst than your ex-boyfriend, my name is Peter-Wolf, et effectivement c'est un plaisir de te rencontrer.
      PS: I love sarcasm…

    • Mike

      Most girls have some form of a butt and boobs unless they have had an accident or disease. Not everyone of them has a personality though, which I am guessing you likely lack.

    • MikeofLA

      No amount of "Hot" makes up for an abundance of crazy… Believe me, I've had both at the same time.

    • Matt

      I'll bet she is an absolute FREAK in the sack.

      • asdasd

        Hot girls are almost never absolute FREAKS in the sack.
        They don't have to try because they're hot. If they are freaks
        in the sack, something might not be going right. Ergo…

        • Monk

          Not if they are also crazy, and that's my downfall.

        • Blackie

          True, but bat shit crazy girls are freaks in the sack. Prolly not crazy, just a stone cold bitch, or Jenny got a big ol butt, so he's leavin you

        • its_forge

          Ha, you never met my ex. Beautiful and there was very nearly nothing she would not do. On the other hand she thought credit cards were these magic things you could use to buy as much useless shit as you want and nobody ever has to pay them back.

    • Zodiac308

      IS HER BF FUCKING NUTS!!!!!!!!!

      • Blumpkin

        No, but she is. Zing

      • Dub

        don't encourage her for acting like an attention whore.

    • Anon

      for those judging her, perhaps you should consider that he could be a complete tool himself and her much more normal than him? This isn't any different then a normal chivette post. They wear less then her often. Shes hot either way.

      • 1 Hot Purple Chick

        If he is a complete tool – why is she trying so hard to keep him? Be gone Anon and come back when your arguements have fewer holes….I SAID BE GONE DAMN YOU!!!

        • JHL1


        • SWAFF

          yea im still hung up on the purple thing

        • Monk

          Why purple, tho?

    • Name

      Maybe the BF is ending the relationship because he figured out who took the first photo.

      • jeffzero

        That was my initial thought, the angle doesn't look like it could be a webcam or any other non-person-holding-the-camera angle. My second thought is one my dad always told me, "Looks fade, diets fail, tits sag. Crazy is like herpes: recurring, never leaving, and ALWAYS annoying." He'd then make me promise that if I wasn't in bed by midnight, to come home…. I've never forgotten the "Crazy is like Herpes" logic..

        • ROK247

          your father is either socrates, confucius, or george clooney.

        • Jess

          42…you dad understands it

    • Lurch

      Find her as a chivet

    • Major Rocker

      No matter how hot a chick is, there's always a guy somewhere that's tired of her shit.

  • morganhunt

    #18 #19 Congrats, Dirk. Too bad your boss is a fucking douche bag.

    • Billy

      #19 FTW

      • Doug

        Is Cuban a Chiver?

    • medtxpack


      • Jak

        That guy is fuckin' ass hat, regardless how much money he has.

    • kimbo_slice

      it's ridiculous in the NBA how the owner of the team gets the trophy. he didn't do shit to earn it, he's just f'ing rich.
      after wednesday night you're not going to see any owner carrying around the stanley cup, you're going to see the players bring it proudly back to their hometowns

      • JPC

        "He didn't do shit to earn it"

        No, he just paid for the players, employees, equipment, transportation, etc. etc.

        You're right, he did nothing.

        • EvilDungBeetle

          "he's just f'ing rich"

          You need to read the whole comment. The guy simply had the money.
          On a side note: if a corporation owned the team, would the CEO get the trophy? Would it sit in the corporate HQ?

          • aosux

            Fuck basketball anyways. They could merge the NBA with WNBA and there would be little to no difference.

            • SWS


              • aosux

                This guy gets it!

          • JPC

            Welcome to the world of Capitalism. The people who run things get the credit (and usually the money) for the things their employees do.

            When a scientist at a major corporation like GE or IBM invents something, guess who controls the patent? Hint: not the scientist.

            "The guy simply had the money" – Yeah, and if he didn't have that money, or didn't spend it on the team, someone else would have the trophy (and it wouldn't be the Mavericks players).

      • switch_24

        c'mon, the guy LOVES the game.. he deserves this just as the same as the players.. besides, that's why NBA players get NBA Rings on the first place..

        this is coming from a Heat fan, btw

      • D-Rock

        Cuban started poor before he became rich. I ain't rich either, but most people hate on the rich cuz they're jealous, straight up. If you're gonna give a guy crap for building himself up for nothing, buying a basketball team, paying every single person on that team, and then having fun with the trophy, then I ask: what would you do if you struck it rich? I'm sure you'd donate it all to the poor, right, cuz you're a big working class hero.

      • Reme

        If you don't like it, YOU be the boss. Otherwise, STFU. All of you asshats would do the same shit if you were rich or in charge. I know I would- I'm just not diluted enough to try to act otherwise…

    • Crayfish

      Haters gonna hate.

    • Dan

      His boss gave the waiters at the bar they went to after the game a $20,000 tip. I think he's pretty cool.

      • panama99

        If that is true that was pretty cool…..

        Any way Great Job Dallas…

        Still not very thrilled with Mark Cuban, but he is the owner and had the $$ the purchase the current players.

    • quintus

      There are two schools of thought. One is summed up by Kimbo. The other is that he turned around a dismal franchise. I say he's both and douche regarding his over exuberance with the team (i.e. jawing with the refs) and a really smart, successful guy who made his money and then is living out his dream by buying a sports team and smartly running it. Hate and Love it. Welcome to the complexity that is life.

      I just know if I were him, I'd probably do the same thing with those trophies.

      Congratulations Dirk!!!!!!!!!

    • Admiral Ackbar

      This guy is one of the best owners in the league. He spends a ton of money on his team, the players, the facility and the community. He stands up to the Gestapo-esque NBA (read David Stern) until he couldn't take the fines anymore. He is one of only two owners who voted against the theft of the Seattle Supersonics when David Stern wanted to give his good buddy Clay Bennett a franchise for OKC. He did everything in his power to make that franchise a winner and wasn't content, as most owners are, to sit back and count his cash and do nothing to improve his team. Since he bought the team they have been to the playoffs 10 out of 11 times and he and the Mavs finally did it.

      So, you know, show some respect!

      Congrats Cuban and the Mavs. Oh, and guess who is footing the bill for the victory parade? That's right, Mark Cuban.

      • Biz

        Holy shit! An informed, intelligent comment on the Chive's comment section. First the mavs win, and now this. Wonders never cease.

        • Biz iz a TOOL

          Yeah and then you gotta go and open your mouth aaaaaaaannnnndd…we're back

    • Cobb

      A cuban in Cuban. We need to go deeper

    • Squooshy

      u mad bro? maybe go talk with Lebron – oh wait he just said in public all his fans are sad poor people – gl next year!

      PS – I hope he washed that shit afterwards – I foresee epic splash back

    • adamcoasttocoast

      This just in….they won the NBA title. He can do whatever the fuck he wants. And by the way, I'm guessing most of you don't live in Dallas and listen to what ESPN always has to say. This guy is one hell of an owner. It is true he tipped a guy 20 grand at their party. This guy cares more about his team than any owner in ANY sport. You only wish the owners of your teams gave a damn as much as this guy does. So eat a dick.

      • HANK

        Yeah you can totally suck his DIRK if you dont like what he does with HIS trohy

  • Robi5150

    To Bear…or not to Bear, that is the question.

    • Obviously

      Does a bear sing in the woods?

      • Bluto

        Is a bear Catholic?

    • JHL1

      Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
      The slings and arrows of outrageous Rangers
      Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
      And by opposing end them. To steal pic-a-nic baskets.

      • JFrost

        You shold have more thumbs up for this

        • JHL1

          I don't expect to… you can't show an appreciation of a classic like Hamlet and Yogi Bear at the same time. It fucks with peoples heads too much. Plus they probably don't get it anyway.

  • disturbed

    #3 Why O' why – U no DAR sooner?!!

  • Craig


    Love me some gold medal camel toe.

    • Anonarama

      Edmonton Indy girls right there.

    • Tactful

      I think more ladies should be aware that I do indeed love to go downtown, and by going downtown I mean eating you out.

      • http://www.facebook.com/a.d.lahey Andrew Lahey

        Thank you for clarifying. And I'm sure these lovely ladies will be reading this post shortly, just hang in there a little bit longer

    • Bollyver

      Coach… did you have a man design our uniforms?

    • Nicky b

      Cameltoe Tuesdays? Hint from the chive?

      • Jen

        I LOVE RECEIVING ORAL SEX! i just needed to say that.

        • Me-maw

          Good girl!!!

      • Sharkman

        It's Burn your Bra Tuesdays. We need Cameltoe Fridays, an extra layer of awesomeness to the best day of the week.

    • Air Horn Guy

      What you got there is a camel trioe.

    • PenPen

      Seriously, I need to know what sport is this, I mean, its already my second fav, right after womens voleyball.

  • oX_Animal_Xo

    #21 following #20. Very appropriate!

    • HillBilly Bone

      Yep. I see what they did there and I have to agree.

    • Joseph Moore

      #21 Cordova, TN. Just outside memphis.

  • Tyler Z. Smithfield

    #10 #11 I see what you did there.

    • cass

      how do you get morning wood in the afternoon?

      • Poulet

        long time morning wood

      • Tyler Z. Smithfield

        That's a bread boner stupid.

        • Dr_StrangePants

          nothing makes my day
          like a hot, greasy-buttered
          bulging brown Baguette #11
          right in mouth
          1st thing in the morning
          …the best part is the white stuff

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #10 Medal Ceremony for the Camel Toe 500

    • Nicky b

      im telling ya, it's cameltoe tuesdays…

    • hooleyman


  • pablo_v

    I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!

    • disturbed

      Looks like panda-monium up in there!

    • TheStever

      Dammit, that just ruined that classic scene for me…

      • pablo_v

        apologies all around, thats the first thing that popped into my head

    • Monk


    • panama99

      I love these commercials……

      I think they are for a cracker or a milk. I can't remember which one.

      • http://www.facebook.com/ambercross421989 Amber Cross

        Cheese, actually. ^^

  • walkingtheriver

    #31 No shit… I like how it's also correct in regards to the extra pounds…

    • blouses

      However, you should note the inaccuracy of how the modern kid is being fed vegetables. We all know that meal should really by Mickey D's….

      • wocmontana

        I didn't see your post before I made mine, must be double true if we both thought the same

    • wocmontana

      but that should be a Big Mac on the plate for today…what kid eats vegetables?

      • ale

        That´s because the kid is on diet… and 70´s child kids didn´t need it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

        yeah i can't help but feel that should be food that is just horrible for you

  • ChiverMeTimbers

    #45 I Want to go to Bora Bora Now

    • dork

      JUST now? I've always wanted to go there, this just increases the desire.

    • Pinche Manny

      i need MOAR!!!!!!!!

    • Birdhaus32

      #45 you are fan-damn-tastic! I just wanted to post her again.

  • Brother Maynard

    #6 Is it road kill if it's inside?

    • disturbed

      Death by Dyson

  • MigraineBoy

    #20 Come live with me.

    • LearnFromMyMistakes

      After viewing the photos of #20, there are only 2 possible realities;

      1: Dude is a massive homosexual-douche-loser (any percentage combination will work) and she is better off without him.


      2: She, like most women is completely bat $h!t crazy and even with a smoking body like that, he just couldn't take her crap anymore.

      • EMB

        In the restroom at a local bar/establishment, where the women dress scantily as part of their job description, there is a quote on the wall that reads "No matter how hot she is, there is still somebody out there was sick of dealing with her shit"

      • OwnerOfYou

        Most likely #2.

      • Jen

        or maybe the relationship just took a turn for the worse and they grew apart….NAH, she's crazy.

      • guest


  • Samantha

    #20, #21

    I'm late to this dance but i'm def. noticing the chive subtle wins these days. very cool, whoever does this gallery is very good at what he/she does

  • Tony B


    • Tony B

      wow…. totally apologize for that. when I opened the page there were no comments yet and when i got to the bottom I panicked.

      • Jak

        WTF did you do? Take a shit and make a sandwich before scrolling through. JEEBUS!

    • Tony B is a Felcher

      And yet you are still a gay douche nozzle for even wanting to type first.

      • obviously

        anyone who actually says or types "gay douche nozzle" is, infact, just that. Saying gay douche nozzle is as lame as being a hipster….you must be both.

  • Broadbem

    #45 HOLY SHIT!

    • Lmao

      You must be a true wordsmith with a comment like that. Bravo.

      • Sarah J

        Uh oh, a fat nerdy guy is hating on someone who is cute. That is funny to me.

        • Lmao

          Uh oh, a guy pretending to be a chick is defending his own useless comment under a different name.

    • YupYupYup

      Really?!?! Do you really think that God craps out cute chicks? No wonder you can't get any.

    • nnn

      I know, Jaritos are awesome, right

  • Nike

    Victory, indeed. #15

  • Bud

    #19 Whole new meaning to pissing excellence

    • Dr_StrangePants

      I've…never actually heard that expression before.
      But I feel compelled to incorporate into my vernacular starting tomorrow.

  • Kevin

    #20 I will be right there to hold your hands and make me, I mean you feel better…

    • Harry

      Nice body, If he's leaving, It's prolly cause of your personality.

  • Jason


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