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I'll be cheering for Boston but this one's for Canada (38 HQ Photos)

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  • todevans

    didn't know the quaker oats guy was fightin' too

  • Dave H

    We won't hold the Boston thing against you….

    • Rick

      don't get cocky kid (unless the NFL has an NHL lockout)…at which point, I'll be at a loss for words. kidding aside, thanks for checking out the site

      • Mike

        Funny thing is Boston has MORE Canadians playing for them than Vancouver!!! Go Bruins…from a treu Canuck…LOL!!!

        • Robot

          Very true haha

  • EasternCanuck

    Stay strong boys… #20 is waiting for you when you get home. Go canucks go.

  • Booyah1208

    It does not matter which country you come from all should pay their respect for those who have fall for the Love of their country!!!! #35

  • Div

    Nice tribute to the Canadian Forces. I'm Canadian and i have amazing respect for our military, not many people have what it takes to risk their life to defend people they don't know.

  • CBRian1K

    #29. Gnarly as fuck.

  • Logan

    Great pictures, though I am afraid Boston will be crushed by the Canuks.

  • Daniel ;)

    Canada eh?

  • dom

    Whats the deal with #23

    • Joe

      its called dazzle paint, they used back in the day, ww1/ww2 times. the idea is that the random angles and shapes make it harder to gauge a ships speed and distance

    • Zed

      I don't think that's part of the Canadian Navy

      • Drew

        That is a Finnish Hamina class missle boat

        • Rick

          yep, pulled from the wrong "collect folder", my bad

  • Aaanonanananama

    Hey look it's our submarine!

    • craig

      Come on now, we have lots of subs… this is just the only one in working condition!
      Very nice to see Canada represented here!

  • wwjd

    As a New York Ranger fan I have to say, FUCK BOSTON! LETS GO VANCOUVER!

  • anon

    you guys should do this with any allied army like uk, germany, france, australia n stuff

    • Rick

      I've actually done high-res posts on all 4 but I'll continue to do others

  • Nick

    This is an awesome post, and agree with the comment about #35

  • DAN

    GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick

    I love our Canadian allies but I know what country I'd die for

  • Jason

    Canadian girls are the hottest on the planet. Hands down.

  • loyal chiver

    #4 my first ship i sailed on

  • Anonymous

    delete #29 BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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