• Virulent87

    Dont get me wrong. this is 2nd time on theChive…

  • Travis

    This guy would make the greatest sneaky drug dealer ever…. goodbye handshakes, just walk bye, he'll get the stuff to you… XD

  • weronika

    my sexy photo 🙂 –

  • Nate

    Why post this obv fake vid?

    • EO


    • EO

      Maybe the graphics on your phone or computer are not good enough to see it’s real?

  • chive_mind

    these guys are from germany
    IT IS 100% NO FAKE
    but sure they needed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time a normal human being would waste on something
    and not to train or something
    most of the shots are luck and they won't do them again that easy (thats what they said)

  • Pants

    Totally badass until you realize how many tries each one took.

  • Muffin

    Forever alone.

  • sil3nz
  • HardCoreMike

    Haters gonna hate… take it for what it is… entertaining to watch. You watch stunts in movies that take many takes and huge bank to get on film why you gotta hate this? It's cool as hell to watch.

  • Lulatsch

    I need to quit my job!

  • Marcos

    i bet they're all virgins…

  • DragonFart


  • Jin Shiki

    Like a mothaf*cking boss.

  • Derp

    Lol "Toss like a boss" Sounds like a self help masterbation guide.

  • Tanguero

    FAKE – most of them are fake.

  • youknowitstrue

    Internet Old…..

  • boobie shots??

    guys would always throw things into my cleavage in high school. is there a pro cleavage shooter out there??? make a video! find it chive!!!!

  • Navajo

    So…. Sex with them is instant preggo?

  • Bette

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  • Spikedriver

    fire start *****

  • Spikedriver

    book is pretty cool

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