What supermodels look like by country (26 Photos)

  • Patrick Wichert

    #19 " if you're from africa, why are you white?"

    • Travis

      Idiot. There are a lot of white Africans just as there are a lot of black Americans.

    • Krazykajun

      South Africans are almost all white, it was settled by England and the French I believe….don’t quote me on that

  • Bollyver

    Chive………anyway to re-post this with a voting feature?

  • meh

    Olga Kurylenko should have been Miss Ukraine here.

  • walkingtheriver


    • http://www.twitter.com/brendon_hype brendon_hype

      ye baby!

  • Kitho James

    #11 Shriya saran!

  • Steveb

    No Canadian girls!! Unbelievable.

  • herman the german

    are you kidding me?? Germany? who the fuck is she? where is Klum, Krüger or other beautiful woman? and brazil, really? no hotty, but a ginger?

  • https://www.facebook.com/schulzen Federico Schulzen


  • cHoLk


  • idunno

    Proud Spaniard, thanks #7

  • Anonymous

    France and Latvia baby!

  • dj Creation

    Where is Belgium -.-

  • Seth

    I prefer our chivettes to these mainstream models!!!

  • BillWatterson

    Chive: Did you really pick a white girl for South Africa and a red head for Brazil?!? Hardly representative of the actually people that live there

  • Nick

    #4 rly chive? RLY?! i think you owe 16 million dutch people an appology for NOT posting Doutze Kroes…. SHAME ON YOU!

  • Truth

    Who the fuck is #7. She's nothing short of perfect

    • ~!~

      Diana Morales

  • tutu

    USA could have been represented better with brooklyn decker than #26 Kate Upton.

  • Mark

    Who's USA???

  • Thumpybass

    #3 Goddamn. I'm moving to France.

  • cadillacrosa

    Mexico is the current Miss Universe, why did you pick a cheap actress? At least take Ana de la Reguera or something!

  • http://www.google.co.uk Tom


    Oh come one, she's a glamour model.

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – Proper model

  • Backward Genius

    #10 Latvia FTW!

    #16 looks weird – shooped?

  • Simo

    GOD DAMNIT CHIVE . You put up girls from all the countries around ours ,but no , no love for Bulgaria. And it's said " There are no girls more beautiful then ours" . 😀 It's a bulgarian saying.

  • Leonel

    You have so many models in Mexico and you pick Ninel Conde? She's not even a model, just a slut/bad actress. You could have picked Maite Perroni, Dulce Maria, Iran Castillo…ect. Smh Chive.

  • Josh

    #7 Ahh they have no nipples in Spain!

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