What supermodels look like by country (26 Photos)

  • Swarley

    #5 #6 #16 #22 #26

  • Swarley

    #15 FAIL! u had all of Brazil, & u went w/ that? wth?

  • tomasher

    #16 Proud to be Ukrainian!

  • Steve
  • tdr

    #14 Gawd, feed this poor girl!

  • canuckles

    Aint it the truth!

  • basstard

    #13 i don't know where slovakia is, but it's where i want to be.

  • BMW

    #5 #26 get my vote

  • Jason

    Whats with the Dutch girl? Why doesnt The Netherlands have Doutzen Kroes?

  • Tim

    #26 God Bless America!

  • rrrr

    brazil has an exposed nipple 0_o

  • https://www.facebook.com/people/Michel-Payette/776740181 Michel Payette

    I'd like to see more Lebanese chicks on here!!

    Yamila Diaz-Rahi , Madeleine Matar or Sagia Castaneda who's seen in Pitbull's videos alot…….that one makes me drool. 😀 http://people.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper/224214/

  • Minion78

    Post photos this big more often 😉


    Should I feel bad about liking #10?

  • LoveKroes

    What about Doutzen Kroes for The Netherlands ;).

  • Volcanodude

    Mexico, Spain, and Romania IMO are the best

  • interlagos

    anyone else dissappointed in Brazil?

  • Mav

    Australia wins. Flawless Victory.

  • codvip

    Australia, Israel, and South Africa….in that order, or more preferably…at the same time. harhar

  • Nateb123

    I was trying to figure out which country wins when I realized that the winner here in the Chivery. Great googa mooga!

  • yum

    France and Spain take round 1. #3, #7

  • D to the S

    that orlando bloom is one lucky guy, go australia, my unbiased #1

  • http://twitter.com/scratchysingh @scratchysingh

    I wish i was American

  • DrAlpaca

    South africa and Israel kicked some ass.

  • Betsy

    Anyone else thinking about Hetalia?? lol

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