Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

Fair warning, it's Hump DAR...

Erin Willett has a Twitter page?! BAM

  • dutch

    find her

  • ohmyguinness

    #9 freaky.

  • Warren


    Uh…What car?

  • dave

    did the guys in #1 all go shopping together?

  • Duaneoca

    #3 was already my fav of the set. #49 is truly sublime, and has made my day. Thanks Chive!

  • mipo2010

    Golf clap…#46

  • Jp

    #26, I’d embrace that ass.

  • Biggus Diccus

    Time for a deep throat contest

    • Dex

      Seeing comments like this getting thumbed down makes me not want to visit the chive anymore.

      • JustADick

        Oh no… please don't leave….

  • Hank

    #26 You are beautiful. Don't worry about the curves, girl…it's sexy as hell.

    #39 I guess I've been looking in all the wrong places.

  • 03_SE_XTERRA

    #46 is the best thing thats ever happened to the chiv

  • BC-Devin

    thanks for the early-ness of the dar today chive!

  • http://dbdesignco.com bisketz

    #3 and #49. I see what you did there. Approve!

  • BMW

    FTW!!!!! #49

  • Pål

    Quick, find something that other will agree on and give you thumbs up. Jump over all the great pictures and gifs, just for the approval of others. I don't see the point and I don't see the point in posting all those used up quotes like "like a boss" and "gave bitch something, bitches love something."

    • switch_24

      trolling like a boss

      • Pål

        I knew someone had to say it, but you still get a thumb up from me!

    • Old News

      Welcome to The Chive comments section.

  • thrillho

    #26 I would also like to embrace your thighs and butt

  • squirrel

    For the love of God!! will somebody please tell me what was in the Pic #9???…. Chivn' at work on my phone and couldnt tell… Great Hump DAR btw. God Bless theChive!

  • http://dbdesignco.com bisketz

    Also, #32 FTW! (minus the tramp stamp)

    • Joe


  • Jewbacca

    Someone please find #12

  • brian

    #26 – I'd embrace that all night, in the morning, next night…..

  • Emily

    #39 gah, i need to find me a chive guy to visit for some chivery goodness…

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      come out to San Diego…

      • Emily

        Haha, I live in SD……..!!

        • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

          where abouts?

    • tim

      sooo….where do you live?

    • Skedaddle

      Skedaddle to Seattle, beautiful. 🙂

    • Trevor

      Do you live in San Diego?

      • Emily

        I do, actually.

  • equalizermax

    A guy banging a girl inside the garage

  • Mero

    #26 you have an incredible tush, i'd marry you purely for that tush ^.^

  • HillBilly Bone

    #19, #26, #42. Full of win. Period.

    #29. Clever what you did there. I would have more than likely completely missed the pup.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Armando-R-Nevarez/100002033691667 Armando R. Nevarez

    HUMP DAR FTW!!!!!!!!!!

  • TosephCamel

    The tree's shadow on the door makes a face. #9

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