Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

Fair warning, it's Hump DAR...

Erin Willett has a Twitter page?! BAM

  • jim

    #46…. AND WE HAVE A WINNER!!

  • JAS


    Could it be I'm falling in love?

  • alexri

    #9 God?

  • alexri

    #46 You're doing it right.

  • moar

    #32, #42, & #49 … made my day. moar, moar, moar!

  • ensergio


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bryan-McCutchan/100000117155203 Bryan McCutchan


  • willhavago

    #46 great work erin..

  • doreen

    It's CHARLIE SHEEN! He's winning on a garage door!

    • thebigdeac

      Oh my gosh. I bet its Jesus.

  • dnsbubba

    "All I'm saying is, if she can use it to stick to the wall, I'm not going anywhere near it."

  • JustADick

    It's actually, "Fair warning its Hump Dar"

  • Rick

    #19 #42 Must gib moar! =)~

  • Francois

    That was sad. Especially when coming from the guy that fantasizes about sports cars he'll never have to make up for his insecurities over his little penis.

    Maybe that's what it is, anorexic girls make your dick look bigger?

    By the way, I'm a guy dipshit. One that likes women not curveless children.

    • Mazeratti

      You don't know me but you assume I'm 1. a guy 2. with a small penis 3. who wants a sports car. So, based on this, I can only guess that you are either projecting yourself onto me, or someone of whom you are afraid. I'm going to guess it's the latter. You like fat chicks, that's cool man, totally your thing. What you do in the privacy of your bedroom at your parents' house, or better yet a warehouse to fit your "curvy" women, is totally your own thing. Stay classy.

      • JustaDick

        You're not funny, and you have horrible taste. Thats a double whammy.

      • Gabs

        I believe that you finding that girl fat means you are seriously fucked up. You need help asap.

  • Da Sandman

    #9 i don't see it…

  • TheBigKahuna

    are we going to get more #49 or what?

  • P90

    #31 'Ya know what…….fuck it, you can throw that in the volcano'

  • amrith777


  • Ispeakchive

    Ed Hardy = Urban Douchebag

  • MikeL71

    #3 and #49 = too skinny. Eat a sammich, do some squats, and then come see me in the morning.

  • naigoto

    #31 #43 Hmm

  • Ryan

    #1 Advertising much?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Marshall/830809217 Charles Marshall

    #9 Don't see it
    #47 In Soviet Russia, pug drives you!

  • cbrooks11

    #23 I didn't see you, otherwise I would've given a yell.

  • EmilMD

    #49 woow she is tall

  • Anonymous


    Marry me?

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