Guy transforms church into his pad (34 Photos)

The owner of the church, Siamak Akhavan had the bright idea to convert his church into a pretty stellar home that overlooks the Mission Delores. The house is now for sale for $7,400,000. Good Lord, indeed.

  • rick


  • Coldzilla

    That beats the Cat and Fiddle Pub here in Calgary – a converted funeral home.

    Both my parents funerals were held in this place – cant believe that people are now eatin "Fiddle Finger Food" and sloshin back beers in the same place I said goodbye……. =/

  • @GaryCrazyBusey

    You can't do that in Norway… Someone would burn it down. *Bah-dum-tush!*

  • Coldzilla

    If anyones lookin theres one for sale in Calgary St Micheals Catholic on on Bow Trail and 46th St SW.

    Bet you can get it for under 7 million……. 😉

  • Chris

    It just a really large studio apartment!

  • Rafiki

    That upper deck is so kickass

  • jayjay

    that place is sick. i want it

  • manda1bb

    I want it

  • Escelante

    What do you need 15 living rooms for? It's neat, but could've been a loot cooler.

  • Bob

    Except for the hardwood floors, and the openness of the bedrooms, I'm loving this.

  • Ryan

    Thumbs down if you want but Becca is right.

    • mouse poop

      dude, she's not going to have sex with you

      • MrRushing

        Ha! Zing!

  • Ryan

    Jesus kept the company of a prostitute.

  • Rad Russian

    Pittsburgh is also the home to a church that was just recently converted into a concert venue/bar:

  • an iranian

    damn iranians and their real estate development

  • Jay

    1) It's Mission Dolores (the district) in San Francisco and the church overlooks Dolores Park. 2) Actually, no one converted it into their pad – all of that stuff is just staging. It's been on the market for YEARS at $10M, but dropped since no one would buy it. There were plans to convert it into condos for a while, but that plan wasn't approved by the city. 3) Apparently, someone bought it, since it's in escrow. 4) Went to a party there a while back – very cool inside.

    • Jay

      UPDATE: Children's Day School is buying it for $6.6M, so this schmuck lost almost $4M on it.

  • PJ Crittenden

    More useful than its previous incarnation…

  • SkinnyG

    does #6 remind anyone else of either:
    -Kill Bill, or
    -The Matrix? (cue the 'come here' move by Morpheus)

  • CaptainWow

    What? No batting cage?

  • @paekman

    holy shit.

  • Anonymous

    I hate Ikea

  • Johnny

    just came across this site, its pretty cool

  • Johnny

    just came across this site

  • Johnny

    of course they are…lol

  • Cara

    Aside from the tacky animal prints..ENVY.

  • Mike

    there aren't nearly enough foot-holes for him to climb up into rafters. Ezio would be disappointed

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