Never give up (12 Photos)

  • Choad

    yup a dog

    • DallasJG

      Yup a douche.

  • Perry

    Well Chive, you just made my day again #7

  • Dan

    That dog is awesome.

  • Major Rocker

    I wonder if the owner gets handicapped parking.

    • Russ

      If fat people can get handicapped parking for being fat then why not?

    • MrRushing


  • BulletproofMonk

    i want a dog like that.

  • b-ry

    pls tell me the gif post wasn't the only hump day post today.

    • b-ry

      sorry…i prefer to look at women, not animals.

      • McBeastie

        Welcome to the internet….there are a only a handful sites on the interwebs that provide scantily clad women so I understand your frustration. We are working on your request.

        • grammar nazi

          *there are only….

          • McBeastie

            Not really a grammar mistake, more of a typo. But I know you're only following orders grammar nazi, so we're cool.

    • Meh......

      Good Call! I wanna see some dumpsters!! o.0

    • FLIPPS

      Then stay out of these posts…… wow that was hard to figure out

      • b-ry

        oh I'm so sorry for commenting.

    • PoppinFresh

      Clicks on animal post and complains that it's not a hump day post.

      You are Scumbag Steve in disguise aren't you?

    • wocmontana

      there is this thing called porn, if you want naked women go look it up. The chive is a humor website that also posts half naked girls, shit son

      • b-ry

        so….you find humour in this post?

        shit, son.

  • cry baby

    it's a handicapped dog….nothing to cry about.

    • twisty

      you're a douchebag

      • cry baby

        do you get teary eyed and cry every time you see a mentally challenged / handicapped human?
        didn't think so.

        • McBeastie

          I teared up a little at your posts….so yes.

          • cry baby

            well then…you have issues.

          • Magnum

            Wow, every time? How do you get through your family reunions?

    • philadelph

      i bet you can't do that.

      • cry baby

        what's that? walk on 2 feet or sit down with a construction vest on?

        • Magnum

          Lick your own balls.

  • Josh V

    I wish some people I know were half as strong and courageous as that dog.

    • Frank

      Oh lord. Someone spent a lot of money and effort saving that dog, and then teaching it to walk.

      But the dog is the hero, for not dying. Okay.

      • Glenn_Coco

        And the dog could have just "rolled over and died" instead. Whether you see it or not, finding the courage and fortitude to fight through things instead of making excuses or giving up is heroic to some of us.

        Dogs are made of awesome.

        • Ken

          It's funny that you project your human emotions on a dog. Get a grip on reality.

          That dog would be dead if not for the human owner. The mother would have (and tried to kill it at birth). People saved it.

          Pretty easy to not roll over and die, when someone else is saving your life.

      • Magnum

        Meh, that dog would die without constant human care. Sounds like the owner doing the hard work is the courageous one. The dog just gets all the attention and fanfare.

        • Magnum

          ZOMG! My cat has no tail! IT'S A FUCKING HERO!

  • Gabriela Robyn Miranda

    got misty eyed… god i love animals, humans kinda suck.

    • Frank

      Humans saved that dog. The dog would have died without some hero human to save it.

      Go be emo elsewhere.

    • Monk

      Well, if it weren't for humans that dog would likely already be dead. We're not all bad.

  • Htisss

    That dog is awesome!

  • Shawn

    this is terrible, i find it awful that the owners kept it alive and simply turned it into a show for other people. Sorry, but it isnt natural to let an animal with this kind of deformity live, i find it cruel

    • Slappy McGee

      I'm surprised your parents made the same choice. That dog seems plenty happy to me.

    • Cog

      I am pretty sure they don't use it as a show for people but as an inspirational presentation for people that are down on life especially amputees (god only knows there are many wounded war veterans that would find this heartwarming)

    • equalizermax

      How come they haven't yet put you into sleep?

    • yipiin

      If the dog was born this way, you let it live, no questions asked…if the dog lost the 2 front legs from sort of accident then I think it would be fine to question ethics….ultimately, it's not your dog therefore not your choice…

      • Jim

        The mother tried to kill it at birth. What does that tell you?

    • JohnQ

      You have a worse deformity.. in your heart. you cold-hearted bastard! :@

    • junior

      I agree wtih you, funny how all these other "compassionate" reply's are you should die because your concerned about the dogs quality of life. Humans are f*cked up. I grew up on a farm and it's cruel to let deformed animals suffer. Come on folks….

      • Jeremy

        That dog doesn't look like it's suffering. In fact quite the opposite. Is it terrible we put people in wheelchairs after they become paraplegics? Ever seen the guy with no arms that plays guitar with his feet? The mom with no arms that takes care of her family? Should we put them all down too? I think the dog might have an issue about jumping to conclusions on his behalf.

      • Shawn

        people care more for animals these days then they do for their fellow human beings

        • Hrimfaxi

          If you look at how people act and "use" their environment and even eachother … yeah pretty normal. Animals will never kill another animal without a legit reason. Humans on the other side… . We are the victims of our own knowledge.

        • McBeastie

          So that's all you got out of this post? People care for humans more than animals? I saw an amazing dog bringing joy to the people around it. But I'm more of a glass half full guy whereas you're more of a "glass is full of shit" kinda guy.

          • McBeastie

            strike that second line and reverse it. My bad.

    • BeefFarmer

      I hope you never have something this terrible happen to you where you lose limbs. However, if you do, we'll know what to do because it just wouldn't be natural to let you live.

    • Shawn

      it is fascinating to listen to people wish harm on another human while defending an animal. I am not saying the dog doesnt have a right to life or anything, what I am simply stating is that it is not natural, in nature, if an animal is born with a deformity such as this, the mother or father usually ends its life. As humans we are clearly different. I dont know if this animal was born this way or if it was the result of somehting later in life. None of you know if this animal is happy, so dont say that it is. and if it provides motivation for people who have similar issues, than all the more power to it. I was remarking on the animal nature of the situation and how humans interfere

      • Nicnac

        It's also not natural for people to be born with a cleft palate (which is deadly if left untreated). Should we tell kids with this problem to fend for themselves?
        Not natural ≠ must die.

      • McBeastie

        I think you need to pick your battles better.

      • Piper

        She was born this way. When you see the video of the dog running, yes running, around she is happy. She looks like any other dog. She wags her tail, she plays, she loves to be pet. You can look up a lot of info on. So, judging by how dogs act, she appears happy. And if that doesn't work for you then maybe we don't know if any animal is happy.

        She is used to inspire disabled veterans and her being alive actually brings much joy to the world.

      • HardCore

        yes the difference between humans and animals is we can talk, we can tell you when we are hungry hurt tired or depressed we can protect ourselves from each other, animals cant call you up and say hey im depressed just put me to sleep, they cant protect them selves from abusive assholes. It's a responsibility that people have pets to care for their animals, in doing so you learn what emotions the animal is feeling, you can tell if the dog is happy, or sad or depressed. if you dissagre then you either arent a dog owner or if you are then you are a shitty one at that. and all that aside, a lower qualiity of life is better than no life

    • jorgemiv

      If you lose both arms, would you like to be put to sleep?

    • Kimmeh

      So are you saying the same for human amputees?? People stare at other people like a show when they have an amputated leg or another strange deformity. This dog seems happy to me. She still has her good health and 2 other legs to stand on! And she's getting along just fine! There's no need to put her down. Maybe we should put people like you down. Negative Nancy!

      • junior

        Good gosh people it is a f*cking dog…Ok, a dog, you don't know if it's happy or not…geeze… left on its on, in nature this animal would die…end of subject. Have you people ever been to a slaughter house…do you eat hmmburger, ever been to a chicken processing plant, do you eat chicken wings… o yea and how do you feel about abortions? grow up people it is a hard world out there. Wishing a person would die because they care about whether an amimal is suffering….check in the mirror folks, check in the mirror….

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, they should put that dog down!!

    • Piper

      So, are you saying people who have no legs, or arms, or all of the above should also be put down? Have you ever seen the video of this dog? He actually gets along just fine, he can run around, fetch, play with people. And he isn't used a show, he goes into places to either teach people or for therapy. Hope you don't lose a leg or something cause I guess it would be cruel for you to live with a deformity?! BTW, there is a dog who has only 1 front leg at the dog park I go to. He plays harder, runs faster and does more than the other dogs. But that can't be, can it, not if he is living with a deformity? I'm glad he wasn't your dog. Actually, maybe you shouldn't get pets cause I'm afraid you would put them down when they still could live a good, happy life.

    • Uncle Scotty

      Jesus, people, lighten up.

      I would've gotten one of those doggy wheelchairs for the dog myself. The dog will probably have problems walking on its hind legs all the time.

      Don't worry, Shawn, this is just a site most people visit to oggle girls who'd never fuck them, so what do you expect?

    • backwater bandit

      i so agree. the owner needs to be similarly disfigured for a circus side show.

    • worried

      I think it's just ignorant to think this dog is happy and in good healt just because you see it walking with two legs and bringing joy in peoples lives. If you think about dolphins, they always look like they're smiling and jumpin around playfully, but in thruth dolpins in captivity are suffering a lot and are dying left and right as they commit suicides cause they're so depressed.
      So Im asking is it right to keep this dog alive even though it can't live it's life as it's ment to and could be suffering from it a lot, but just because it's making you happy?

    • F.S.M.

      Fuck you, you god damn monster. You should have been aborted. I hope you have retarded babies and die of dick cancer

  • the elusive

    Is it the Precious? We wants it…

  • EdWood

    Never ceases to amaze me.

  • Mr_Rob

    #5 Cloudy vision around here. Must be alergies…

  • equalizermax

    It would creep me out if I saw this dog walking in front me at night

  • Terry

    That's Awesome… Pretty Inspiring that this dog can live it's live and interact with so many people, when a lot of people wouldn't act the same way. Must have great support.

    • Tom

      not sure comparing a dog living their life without 2 front legs to a person living their life without 2 legs or 2 arms (including hands with opposable thumbs) can translate…

  • Dirty Dingus

    That pouch has been on TV many times…a great story and an amazing dog. Woof!

  • echogeo

    I saw this dog on Animal Planet about a month ago. Truly remarkable. This dog defines perseverance.

  • disturbed

    That's awesome but – somebody get that dog some wheels.

  • Nicola Degobbis

    Great family, awesome dog!

  • michaeledmondsjr

    simply awesome!

  • Moody

    Wow, that’s friggin awesome!!!!

  • mr.plow

    This dog should also be on animals that don’t suck. right on poochy!!

  • Josh

    Love that dog .. gets me choked up everytime i see her

  • Meh.....


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