Never give up (12 Photos)

  • Eric

    Is somebody cutting onions in here?

  • Federico Schulzen

    i fuckin burst into tears, u can kill as many babies as u want but dogs make me feel terrible

  • ale

    Yeah!… they pretend they are cute and naive, like that movie about spies cats and dogs…

  • Chivetteluver
  • Edward


  • Malkintosh22

    dogs are awesome. you would never see a cat doing this shit.

  • That's great

    I love dogs.

  • Chiveinator

    that kids expression is priceless!

  • Nick Fuss

    Pretty awesome. I hope he gets lots of love.

  • Glenn_Coco

    An dif you'd use your brain to think beyond the immediate situation of this particular dog to a *gasp* larger picture, you could see that all around you, everyday, people find far less difficulty in their lives and use it as an excuse to just go "meh, fuck this" and check out on life. If you honestly think that there's nothing to fight through with missing two limbs, I really don't know what to tell you.

    There is a world beyond your little bubble of discontent.

  • Glenn_Coco

    Think that through one step further, and you'll be getting it.

  • Firefighter23

    You sir are a moron!

  • ImpressMe

    As long as he is happy and not in pain …. I think the wheels are a good idea…. shame on the posters saying he should be put down because its "unnatural"… Kudos to the people who own and love him…

  • McBeastie

    trolling or do you really think this is fake? Just wondering.

  • walter

    cool dog man! very cool indeed…

  • av8or21

    that's one badass dog!

  • Ozzie

    Bravo to that pooch

  • Glenn_Coco

    Fair enough, but I'll tell you what I was going to tell Magnum up above: If you really think so, put your money where your mouth is. Go have two limbs removed (method and limbs of your choice) get someone to "take care of all your needs" and see if there's "no work or fight" involved in your life.

    "Lots of luck gentlemen!"

    • Jim

      There really is no comparing a human with no arms to a dog with no front legs is there?

      A dog with two front LEGS missing is a far cry from a person with 2 ARMS COMPLETE WITH FINGERS AND OPPOSABLE THUMBS.

      What you are doing is to try and make a dog like it was a human. This is called personification, and is not realistic.

      • Glenn_Coco

        And what you're trying to say is that somehow the dog's limbs are less valuable than your own. Because you're human, and it's just a dog, right? Or whatever "reasons" you have. All of which are missing the point.

        Maybe this would be easier – take a trip to the local VA hospital, or visit some disabled vets in a nursing home who are missing limbs. Maybe some of the very same vets who find inspiration in this very dog. Get some perspective.

        btw – if you insist on labeling it, it's anthropomorphism. Personification is a literary device.

    • Jim

      Read about the caterpillar man. He had npo arms or legs, and still could roll his own smokes, shave, and had a wife and 8 kids.

      To me, that's more inspirational than this. But this is more inspirational to people, because people only look at shit on the surface these days.

      "Oh look a dog. IT ONLY HAS TWO LEGS!!!! OMFG I'M INSPIRED!!!!"

      • Glenn_Coco

        That's great that you find that more inspirational than this, but what exactly is the problem with others finding this inspirational?

        Your problem is you.

        • Jim

          I find it indicative of the superficiality of modern society. That's my problem with it.

          • Jim

            Inspiration has been reduced to a cute dog.

  • lawler

    #12 Yep! There's the pooper.

  • coolaid

    god bless you,never give up..

  • faemike55

    those of you who feel that the dog should be put down, I pity you!

  • sexualniner

    Cool beans. Go dog, go.

  • theMorgue77

    Awesome!! I foster dogs, so always happy to see a success story.

  • Lili

    made me cry :/

  • EvilDungBeetle

    That was exactly what I was thinking. I know you can get rear wheels for animals, but have never seen a front set. That dog can still lead a happy life without hip pain later if they get him/her some wheels.

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