Never give up (12 Photos)

  • Pat

    if that was my dog I'd make him some gorillia arms!! Bad ass!!

  • bob

    amazing how animals run on pure instinct, make do with what they have n they live. good work dog.

  • Opinionatedone

    I saw this dog on Discovery or Animal Planet and this animal is stronger than any human I have ever met! He is an AWESOME CRITTER! Have you ever seen an animal feel sorry for itself? NEVER EVER QUIT!

  • young

    YEAH! Go Dog Go!

  • WakkaWakka

    God that dog is awesome.

    I want to give him a treat and scritch him something fierce behind the ears.

  • Hannah

    Yeah! I love these pictures. I am glad I was there to be a part of this. It rellay blessed me to meet Corey and Tamrah. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them. Be Blessed ..

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