• Major Rocker

    I hate those nose rings. Looks like boogers.

    • that chick...

      I disagree, their pretty hot.

      • spelling

        I think you mean "they're pretty snot"

    • oughtnot

      Not a fan either …

      • Sid

        Agree. septum piercing always ends up looking off.

    • Monk

      I agree, but for 'poke ball girl', I'll make the exception.

      • Cam

        i agree as well. but i wouldn't kick her out of bed for that.

  • 123

    "It's not boogers, its a nose ring" in latin

  • echogeo

  • mooseherder

    fiiiinally! the pokebra girl. she's gorgeous.

  • Blanca Salazar

    from one chivette to another, you are really beautiful, congrats 😀
    p.s. LOVE the septum piercing on you

    • Jen

      LOVE your blog! all the sex and fashion on it. fuck yea!

    • oh4fuckssake

      I like tats and piercing, but any nose jewelry is no good. Lose the piercing, and you are perfect.

  • IJL

    #2 is my favorite, until tomorrow (perhaps)

  • Tim Horton


  • snoobs89

    "Caution – slippery when wet"

  • Tim

    People complaining about a nose ring… Jesus.

  • funkyf

    She's way hotter than paula….

    • Dwarfmaster

      NOBODY is hotter than Paula…

  • Eastwood – warning…some very NSFW stuff on there…

    • Thanks For That

      Nice site. Like an NC-17 rated version of the Chive. NSFW is right -even if you work from home! Like I didn't already waste enough time browsing this rubbish (by rubbish I mean addictive non-productive awesomeness).

    • &FU2

      Great site actually

  • HillBilly Bone

    Nice! Gonna be another good day.

  • Assmossis

    I hope she gets hotter by tomorrow!

  • Ash Ketchem

    Pokeball Go!

  • b-ry
    super emo…not hot anymore.

    • EhFckitDude

      this girls blog is just fashion and hardcore porn images…ok I guess?o.0

  • Eastwood

    Don't wait until tomorrow…just go to the tumblr site she has "tattooed" on her stomach.

  • Assmossis

    Y u no leave my comment up?!?

  • Critic

    I like the nose ring: kinda like your horse in the old west, ya just tie her up to the hitchin post out in front of the saloon while ya enjoy your beer.

  • tommy

    i choose yoou boobasaur!

  • @p_oneill


  • Edward

    Cant wait!

  • ilovethechive

    Just mesmerizing!

  • Picco

    Terrible, Terrible things…..

  • Ben

    #4 Gotta catch em' all!

  • Adam

    Good pick for chivette of the week Ashley is a cutie, the only one so far I have not agreed on is SARAH JAY the other 2 chivettes ANDREA HOWERTON and JADE OAKLEY are great additions to Lauren, Willow and Erin.

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